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Aug 2, 2007 03:45 PM


Anybody have any experiences with Oliva on the lower east side?

I just found a mention of it but want to know if it's an authentic tapas place and if it's too loud to actually hear the people you're dining with.

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  1. Been to Oliva a few times over the past 3-4 years and have never been disappointed. It's cuisine is Portuguese tapas. All the dishes are great and prices are relatively low. Loud and crowded, but conversation is possible without having to shout. Highly recommended.

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    1. re: victoid

      Oliva is a great, but it is not Portuguese. It's Basque/Spanish.

      1. re: logicchop2

        Thanks! Went to Oliva's and it was great! Food, service, everything was excellent. But it can be kind of loud so deep conversations are not possible.

    2. But the music is often live which is always great!

      1. Oddly, i've been there twice, i can't remember even a single dish i bad memories, just *no* memories of the food at all, which is rare