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Aug 2, 2007 03:30 PM

Arnold's or Frosty,s

Heading down to the cape, which is better for fried clams. Arnold's in Eastham or Capt. Frosty's in Hyannis.

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  1. Haven't tried either, though the ones at Kream 'N' Kone in Dennisport are good. You might get a few more replies on the New England board for this topic.

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      1. re: bachslunch

        Last week, I tried both Arnold's and Kream N' Kone while vacationing on the Cape. For me, Arnold's wins on taste, but Kream N' Kone was not far behind. For value, you get a lot more for your buck at Kream N' Kone (price and quantity). Plus, Kream N' Kone put a nice topping of onion rings on my clam platter. At Arnold's, I was afraid that I would have to put up my first born child to afford their excellent product. I didn't know about Capt'n Frosty's -- maybe next time.

        1. re: MUGger

          You didn't miss a thing by skipping Cap'n Frosty's and if you think Arnold's is expensive wait until you see the miniscule portions at Frosty's.

      2. Sandy's at Bourne Bridge (as of twenty years ago, good pot pie too).

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        1. re: ACKtually

          Things might have changed a bit since the 80s (like the highway doesn't go by Sandy's anymore so it's a shadow of its former self). Mildred's was once good in the day too.....but now a distant memory.

        2. I ate at Arnold's a week ago Friday and was blown away. The fried scallops and clam bellies were superb. Very lightly coated in flour and fried to perfection (no thick coating). Not greasy at all, and the scallops were still succulant (sp?). I haven't been to the others, but Arnold's lived up to its positive reviews. Also, their onion rings looked incredible -- shoestring rings heaped high. The frozen custard was also excellent (but beware, the serving sizes are huge).