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Boston Public (Meat) last night

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I met up with some friends at Boston Public or Boston Public Meat (whatever they are calling it) last night. I arrived first and hit the bar for a glass of wine while I waited. The bartender kindly recommended a white Bordeaux when I asked for something light and crisp but not too fruity. It was just what I wanted and at $8 per glass, I was especially pleased. Once my friends arrived, we luckily got a table outside. I was really happy to sit outside given how gorgeous it was out, but also because it was kind of dead inside. Outside seemed a bit more lively. I had eaten lunch here once and thought the dinner menu might be different, but it didn't seem different to me. There's a raw bar section with some oysters, shrimp cocktail, etc, an app section with many Asian influenced items like spring rolls and dumplings, a few salads and then the mains split by meat and fish I think, plus there are sides. I split the chopped salad which wasn't all that chopped but very good nevertheless. It had lettuce, grape tomatoes, cukes, fennel, pistachios and goat cheese. For my main I got the special which was a tuna wellington of very rare tuna as requested surrounded by spinach and then pastry. I really enjoyed it and it was especially appealing to me as I'm finally going this Saturday to Eastern Standard to try our their beef Wellington (which they only serve on Saturdays). Our waiter was professional and efficient. He took care not to rush us or clear plates before we were ready and he was especially patient with my friend who is on a crash diet to lose weight for her wedding in three months and she wanted no butter, oil or anything. One friend got the burger which she enjoyed (as I did the time I had lunch there) though if I'm recalling correctly, the price was north of $20 for that burger. Their fries are good if you like them thick cut and potato-ey. For how big they are, they were pretty crisp. It was a lovely evening and in my mind an improvement from when it was L (I had horrible service at L and never went back).

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  1. wow this is great thanks! i am going for lunch next week and some friends have given me some horrible reviews for the new boston public. ill totally go for the tuna wellington

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      I haven't been for dinner but we really enjoyed lunch there. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


    2. Nice review!

      I have heard that they are officially going by "Boston Public" now. An improvement, in my view. The old name sounded like a morals charge.