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hawaian restaurant?

so my coworker challenged me to find an hawaian restaurant in los angeles. no luck searching the LA Chowhound board. any suggestions?

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  1. closest to metro LA would be rutts cafe in culver city.

    but you'll need to head to the southbay for really good hawaiian eats....like bruddah's in gardena.

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      I second Rutt's. Always request fried rice with and order -- not white rice

    2. If you mean Hawaiian style plate lunch, there are many, many choices. I am surprised you wouldn't find these links.

      If you mean traditional Hawaiian food ala Ono's on Kapahulu, there is really nothing like that. A number of the plate lunch places serve poi, lau lau and kalua pork, etc, but none are dedicated Hawaiian food.

      1. There's also a couple of Hawaiian plate lunch places in Alhambra


        Anytime a place has loco moco, I'll give them a chance. I guess in terms of other Hawaiian foods, I'm spoiled by having a lot of family there that offer me free room, board and food :)

          1. I like Shakas in Alhambra, they have a great bacon fried rice, just have them goes easy on the soy. Everything there is good, good masubi, teri and char sui, etc.

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              I second Shakas. But I add extra soy at da table. Wot about dat shave ice -- Yum Yum.


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                I third Shakas in Alhambra (not the Monterey Park location). It has by far the nicest environment, presentation, and variety of food on the menu. It tastes pretty good, too. The Aloha Food Factory has decent food but the environment isn't as nice. All the rest of the Hawaiian places I've been to in the SGV are all eh.. not worth driving more than a mile or two for. Since they are springing up like weeds, you don't have to drive much more than a mile or two to reach one.

                Oh, there is one other one that is good: Ono Grill on Las Tunas in San Gabriel. Don't confuse this with Ono Hawaiian BBQ, which is not nearly as good. All the rest of the places are chains and are mediocre at best.

                1. re: monkuboy

                  Picked up some Teriyaki chicken from Shakas recently... horrible... steamed chicken with sauce poured over it. Musubi was mediocre. Quite disappointed.

              2. Not really a restaurant, but there are a few branches of L&L in LA.

                1. I just did a search and found lots of Hawaiian threads on the LA board.

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                    Hi, I like King's Hawaiian on Sepulveda in Torrance. In SF Valley, there is a fast food Hawaiian place on Ventura that's decent for fast food; Aloha Hawaiian BBQ.

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                      king's hawaiian is a poor excuse for hawaiian food. overpriced, bland and dry.

                      however, their pastries are DIVINE!

                      1. re: wilafur

                        They make an orange sponge cake that they call a “Bunt cake." They make two sizes of it– large and small. Get the small, not the large, because once you have one slice you will not stop eating it until the whole damn thing is gone. I am not a big fan of sponge cakes, or any cakes really, but this one is very special. What ever you go to that bakery for you must know ahead of time so that you can walk-in, buy it, and walk-out. If you start looking at the other things in that display case your dead.

                        King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant (This location has the big bakery case)
                        2808 Sepulveda Blvd
                        Torrance, CA 90505
                        (310) 530-0050

                        Kings Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant, The Local Place (Smaller place good for a fast fish plate and some baked goods
                        )18605 S Western Ave
                        Gardena, CA 90248
                        (310) 523-3233

                    1. re: monku

                      Roy Yamaguchi was one of the 12 founding members of Hawaii Regional Cuisine. Out of the 12 original chefs, I have tried the food of 8 of them and my favorites are Alan Wong and Chef Mavro.





                      1. re: Vegasbuff

                        Roy's is more hawaiian fusion, but very good. i tried rutts cafe recently based on someone on this boards recommendation, DONT go there. it was some of the worst so called "hawaiian" food i've ever had, absolutely terrible. I do like the loft in torrance and also back home in lahaina in manhattan beach.

                    2. http://alohaworld.com/platelunch/

                      Check AW for up-to-date reviews of all LA and Orange County area Hawaii-style eateries. I used to love Harry's Aloha Chop Suey but they retired and sold out to the Loft. All I can say is that there are no more long lines waiting to get seated. Bruddah's on Gardena Blvd. seems to be one of the most popular places for transplanted locals as well as Bob's Okazuya on Vermont and Kappa's on Carson Blvd. I have my personal opinions on both the Loft and King's Hawaiian because I'm originally from the islands. I don't like umbrella's in my drinks and people dressed up in matching aloha outfits if you know what I mean? Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop and TNT have a good selection of local dishes and not too expensive. They even specialize in Japanese plate combos which rivals many fine Japanese restaurants.

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                        I totally agree with your assessments. The Loft and King's are great for those who might be new to this type of food. The atmosphere, interiors and service are more chain-like and probably more outwardly welcoming. But for the kind of food and places that remind me of real everydayHawaii, it's pretty hard to beat a place like Bruddah's. Old school style, old school interior, old school service. There's nothing fake about it and the food is pretty much like you'd find in some of the old industrial and commercial areas around Waiakamilo Road when I was a kid.

                        And with a name like Clinton, you must be from the Islands. The only other Clinton I know is my cousin from Kamehameha Heights...

                        1. re: bulavinaka

                          People from the islands try to rival each other with the oddest/fanciest names they can come up with. I know a couple of others with the same name (sigh).

                          1. re: Clinton

                            Yeah, one of (my cousin) Clinton's friend's name was O'Brien... kinda cool by today's standards, actually...

                      2. There's L & L on Lincoln and Pico in Santa Monica. Better than Rutt's for Westside Hawaiian plate lunch.

                        1. Not in any particular order but here's my list.

                          Rutt's Hawaiian Café ( (Try the Royal with Bacon FRIED rice but no sprouts, Island Burgers, Loco Moco, and some nice fish plates)
                          12114 Washington Blvd.
                          Culver City
                          (310) 398-6326

                          I have not been to Sully's for a while but they did do Laulau right -- call before going.
                          Island Grinds - Sully's Restaurant & Tavern (Loco Moco, Laulau)
                          22735 Hawthorne Blvd.
                          Torrance, CA 90505
                          (310) 375-9158

                          Bruddah's Hawaiian Foods
                          1033 W. Gardena Blvd
                          Gardena, CA 90247- 4957
                          (310) 323-9112
                          Gardena Bowl Coffee Shop (very good Bacon Fried Rice, Japanese, Polynesian, Continental Food, very good fish plates)
                          15707 S. Vermont Avenue.
                          Gardena, California 90247-4328,
                          (310) 532-0820

                          Back Home in Lahaina (Loco Moco)
                          916 N Sepulveda Blvd
                          Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-5927
                          (310) 374-0111

                          Back Home in Lahaina (Loco Moco)
                          519 E. Carson Street
                          Carson, CA 90745
                          (310) 835-4014

                          Shakas (Try the bacon fried rice, best this side of da islands, shave ice
                          )101 W. Main St. #C (Enter from First Street behind Starbucks Coffee)
                          Alhambra, CA
                          (626) 293-5520

                          Shakas (Same as Alhambra location BUT shorter menu -- NO baco fried rice but they do makes those large shave ice)
                          2300 Garfield Ave.
                          Monterey Park CA
                          (323) 888-2695

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                          1. re: JeetJet

                            thats the second time ive seen rutts mentioned. maybe i went on a bad day but man it was not good at all. ive never ben to sullys though. might have to give that a try do they do takeout?

                            1. re: AGENT FOODIE

                              I think it might be related to who is cooking that makes it a bad day. For example, the first time (and several times after) I had the Royals at Rutts, the scrambled eggs were seperate from the fried rice. They were folded and served like a omelette up on top of the bacon fried rice making a very nice presentation with the chopped green onion covering it all. Most often they just scramble the egg into the rice. I ask for my Royals to be made with Bacon FRIED rice because otherwise they just mix the scrambled egg with white rice and the result is so bad...I don't know what they are thinking when they do that by default. They do not even ask you which way you want it. If you don't say fried rice you get white rice -- bad! I also say no sprouts. Every fish plate I have had there has been the same -- good. I like the loco moco and IMO it is better than most but not the best I have had. Another thing I like about Rutt's is that yhey offer many of the meals in three sizes. Therefore if you are really hungry you can get the really big one or get the smaller version if you only want a little.

                              About Island Grinds - Sully's Restaurant & Tavern. Like I say, call first because I have not been there in a long time and for what I know they may be gone.

                              My most recent fav is Shakas. IMO they make the best plate of bacon fried rice in L.A. -- lots of bacon, moist, lots of flavors in that dish. They also have a nice shave ice made by a real shave ice machine.

                              1. re: AGENT FOODIE

                                Uh oh, it might have been my recommendation (I just recommended it again, too.) I love the Royale's at Rutt's. I happen to like the white rice more than the fried.

                                What did you have there that turned you off so much?

                              2. re: JeetJet

                                Bruddah's for awesome hole in the wall dining.

                                butterfish for 9 bucks, can't be beat.

                                1. If you are looking for authentic dishes (Lau lau, poke, lomi salmon, pig) I would go with the abovementioned Bruddah's. Love that place.

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                                  1. re: wilp

                                    Loco Moco there is the best !!!
                                    Closed Mondays

                                    1033 W Gardena Blvd

                                  2. i'm sure you have heard of 'the loft' in cerritos. they make really good food there. i really like there kalbi and curry stew. they serve the dishes with a saimin salad that is soo good also. of course they have rice and mac salad, and they give alot!! better go with a big appetite.

                                    1. Although not in LA, Konas (formerly Sams) in Huntington Beach (harbor) has a great brunch on Sundays and great happy hours.