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Aug 2, 2007 02:10 PM

Kobe Burgers in Detroit Area

Any good places to try Kobe burgers around Detriot. Had one a while back in NYC and was very good.



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  1. Have never really looked for burgers but you might wanna check Papa Joe's (Rochester). I know they have good Kobe roast beef sandwiches. Also, the Alley Grille at Greektown serves some really succulent Kobe filets.

    1. I was at Papa Joe's Rochester about a week ago and they had Kobe sliders at the grill station. Also, according to their web site, their "Kobe" beef is american, which is why it's not as expensive as you'd expect. Didn't think they could call it kobe if it wasn't actually from Japan, but apparently so.

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        you're absolutely right. if it's not from kobe, japan, then it should be classified as wagyu beef. much like sparkling wine vs champagne.

      2. Musashi in Southfield offers a Kobe burger.