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Aug 2, 2007 01:56 PM

italian-american restaurants in jamaica, queens

can anyone recommend an italian-american/pizzeria in jamaica, queens? preferably on either jamaica avenue or hillside avenue, between parsons boulevard and sutphin boulevard? richard

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  1. There is a an Italian Rest on Hillside and Spring Blvd right acroos the st from Sears I thinl the name is Conte's. Try Queens Blvd you are a lot closer to that Potro Fino's, Family Rest they are in Forest Hills. Good Luck

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    1. re: FAL

      thanks a lot, will try. coming from istanbul, we need some italian-american food! your suggestion is welcome. rs

      1. re: rkscher

        Istanbul, wow. Somehow I would think there's better Italian food in Istanbul than in downtown Jamaica!

        Seeing the streets you're talking about, I wonder if you are coming to Jamaica via the Air Train from JFK, and are looking for something to eat right around there, before boarding the subway? Or will you have a car that will allow you to get to the places that have been suggested?

      2. re: FAL

        Are you referring to Cara Mia restaurant on Hillside Avenue near Springfield Blvd? If so, this is in Queens Village (almost Bellrose) and NOT Jamaica. The food there in my opinion is servicable for a local joint; typical red-sauce neighborhood joint.

        1. re: bobbyrab

          Yes Cara Mia right next to the Chinese Buffet, Sorry that is the only place I know on Hillside Ave.

      3. There is a real Italian pizzeria called Margaritas on the south side Jamaica Ave. just a few blocks east of Parsons. On Parsons just south of Hillside there is a great (for Jamaica Center) new restaurant called Jimmy's Italian New York Restaurant. It is a perfectly nice place with excellent burritos and a full Italian menu that I have not tried. The tiramisu is very good. Prices are just a little higher than the competition - McDonalds and the various take-out Chinese.