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Aug 2, 2007 01:47 PM

Lunch recs in B'more with brave 14 yr-old

Looking to have lunch in B'more with an adventurous teenager on Friday, 8/3.

Thanks in advance for any recs.

(Nice but not snooty or too dressy, any price; something that shows what B'more can be without that Inner Harbor nonsense. -- We will be doing the Aquarium, but don't mind leaving the waterfront; would prefer getting out of that scene.)

Is that restaurant at the B. Art Museum still any good?

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  1. You'll be here during restaurant week.
    Check out some restaraunts doing lunch on there.

    1. Always been a fan of Gertrudes, they have a strong and diverse menu that showcases local produce and fare that's adventureous enough for some whilst still offering safer choices for others!

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        Yes, I agree that Gertrude's at the BMA is a good lunch choice (maybe you can get the 14 year old to look at some art while you're at it! :)

      2. john stevens in fells point, or the always interesting berthas