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Aug 2, 2007 01:41 PM

Cleveland Steakhouse Opening in South of Fifth

Just noticed across from my bldg at 1st and Washington a sign for a new steakhouse coming soon:

Apparently it's big in Cleveland and has received lots of accolades. Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. just what we need...another steak house across from the "other" steak house, around the corner from that "other" steak house, down the street from the Tuscan Steak house, oh and I won't even mention Harrison's steakhouse, because it's not even a restaurant let alone worthy of mention. Thanks for the update nonetheless L/ anything else new on sobe or Dade you know about?

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    1. re: netmover

      NM: I so agree. It's absurd already. Don't these people do market research? And wait! Next to Clarke's is a Brazilian STEAKHOUSe, which will be up the block from the OTHER Brazilian steakhouse going above monty's!!!

      1. re: LesleyEats

        What we need are more Italian places.

              1. re: netmover

                Actually I would prefer another Thai/Sushi place. That would hit the spot.

    2. Hey, LesleyEats and other responding Floridians! Cleveland's RED is no ordinary steakhouse. It is, in fact, on the "Playboy" magazine A-List of the top 10 steakhouses in America. Check" So stow the "just what we need" attitude, netmover, and polish up your chops, because if its of the caliber of the original, you're in for a treat. Blissful eating to you all!

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      1. re: AmandaB

        The playboy list is silly. I will try it out anyway.

        1. re: AmandaB

          Will the PB Bunnies be serving? I know TP saw the name Berns on that list and just about blew a gasket :-) I have been to Bones in Atlanta and can attest to it being on the list. We'll see...many popular places have washed up on the shores of South Beach only to go out with the tide! Sorry to be a doomsdayer, but they are opening up across the street from the hottest steakhouse this side of Brooklyn!

          Bring it on AmandaB...the proof is always in the puddin' or should I say Prime Beef? They do serve Prime, no?

        2. i have actually eaten at this restaurant in cleveland while visiting some friends. very very good, great steaks, fantastic sides and a pleasant yet trendy environment. will it match up to prime? not quite so sure. but a welcomed addition none the less.