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Aug 2, 2007 01:31 PM


Does anyone know where you can buy stone ground corn meal in Los Angeles? Surfas does not carry it, even in the refrigerator.

I am not looking for polenta, etc. American course and fine ground cornmeal, hopefully from a small mill.


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  1. You can order from Indian Head in Ellicot City, MD. Sometimes Amazon has it. Also Anson Mills in Columbia SC has very fine corn meal, grits that are to die for and amazing rice. Not cheap and all grown from heirloom varieties. Your grits are ground to order. They are my special occasion grits, not every day. Luckily I can get Indian Head locally. Many stores that cater to the international population especially Latin population. It is a white stoen ground corn meal and very fine. It will make some of the best cornbread you have ever tasted.

    1. I've seen stone ground corn meal in health food stores...

      1. I've seen it at whole foods, both coarse and fine ground, although not from a small mill. I think it was red mill? Not sure, but with all the grains...

        1. I've also seen it at health food stores, and also at the LA County Fair a couple of years ago. The Fair version was far superior to the one I had found at Whole Foods. I can't recall exactly where/what vendor at the Fair though.

          1. You can order online from Weisenberger Mills, a small, traditional outfit in Kentucky I read about in a Jonathan Gold column in the LA Weekly a couple of years ago. Products are inexpensive, though the shipping can get steep: