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Dinner near UCLA, Royce Hall. Westwood?

Looking for a nice place for dinner before a Saturday show at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus.

Any terrific spots in Westwood or otherwise nearby?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. Sushi Isshin (forgot street) in Westwood has great combo plates at college friendly prices.

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      Don't forget Napa Valley Grill and Palomino in the village for pretty good, if formulaic, places to eat with nice atmosphere. For a bit more dress down, Noodle Planet is pretty good (for Westwood!)

    2. my go-to spot for royce hall events is shamshiri grill on westwood blvd just north of santa monica blvd.
      (if the street parking is tough, just park across the street on the lower level of the ross parking lot.)

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        I'd go for Persian or other Mediterranean as well for dinner near Westwood. Shamshiri Grill or Shahrezad for a nicer atmosphere, Sunnin if it doesn't matter.

      2. Tanino - fantastic Italian, in Westwood, a little pricey

        Nook - not in Westwood, but not very far away; moderately priced American food, cute and dimly lit

        Nook Bistro
        11628 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 9, Los Angeles, CA 90025

        1043 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024

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          I second Tanino. I've never been disappointed there.

        2. Il Moro in West L.A. (Purdue/Olympic) is quite pleasant; especially on the patio. I second Nook, and always enjoy Orris (which only takes walk-ins; so fine if you're early enough - otherwise, probably won't work for you.)

          1. Hamasaku on santa monica blvd between sepulveda and veteran

            1. ...or otherwise nearby?

              How about Italian in Brentwood? They have a Italian dining density factor approaching "Little Italy" status.

              Pizzicoto - Cozy & Afforable for the area - But tougher then ever to get a reservation after Dustin Hoffman revealed on the Tonight Show that it's his favorite place (310) 442-7188

              Vincenti - Classy and $$$$ Expensive (*).

              Peppone - Small (12 ? cozy red booths), $$$$, Old Worldish, Dark, and Old Italian style that some people love but to some others ______________!

              (*) Capo = $$$$$, Urasawa = $$$$$$

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                Good call on Peppone...it's a straight shot to Royce Hall...same with the Bel Air Hotel...it might be nice to sit outside early evening...the bar there is fun, too

              2. Garden's on Glendon is dependable, and sometimes really good. They make guacamole tableside that's tasty (but request hot if you want any kick at all) It's definitely a place for a "nice," but not super-expensive,dinner. I'd say it's the type of place UCLA students only go to when mom and dad are paying. It's in Westwood, near Wilshire.

                Gardens On Glendon
                1139 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024

                1. Second Shamshiri.

                  Instead of Peppone, I'd go across Barrington to Divino in the little center across the way.

                  In Westwood proper, I really like Palomino, Gardens on Glendon, and Napa Valley Grille.

                  1. Delphi Greek - small restaurant, nice owner, decent Greek Food (1383 Westwood Blvd), next door is Sprazzo (Italian) - also a small restaurant, nice owner, delicious homemade balsamic vinegar served with bread before meals. Both menus available on menupix website. I also recommend Sushi Isshin as mentioned below by Oh Robin. Parking is a bit tricky for Sushi Isshin. You can try the rooftop. Sushin Isshin is located on Linbrook Blvd., next to Denny's across the street from Palomino (which I do not recommend!). I'm all about supporting the small business/family owned restaruants.

                    1. New India Grill on Westood if you want Indian.

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                        FYI - New India Grill is currently closed for remodeling. Not sure when they are re-opening.

                      2. OK, go early, fill someone's pocket with change for a parking meter, and proceed north on Westwood from Olympic. We will play "dinner parking roulette." If there are spaces across from Feast from the East, you can have a good Chinese chicken salad supplemented by potstickers and bao -- split the large salad and assorted appetizers for each two people and you're having a tasty meal for about $10 per. Up before Santa Monica Blvd. is the surprisingly tasty dive bar Philly West, with parking in the back and the best cheesesteak and superlative burger on the Westside. Split some fries (well done, extra crispy) and again you are out for about $10/per with a softdrink. In the stripmall on the east is Eduardo's for tacos and burritos.

                        When you cross Santa Monica Blvd. heading north Shamshiri will be on the right/east if you can grab a parking space. Huge main portions of rice, shawarma (get the chicken) and koobideh (get the beef) with great flatbread and shirazi salad. Great place. More than halfway up towards Wilshire on the other/west side is Delphi, but damned if I've ever been able to park close to them. Too scared to try their back alley.

                        In Westwood Village there is Palomino to the right, then Napa Valley Grille and Glendons a block over to the right, and Tanino across on the left/west, all with valet parking options. But you are now talking closer to $50/per person for anywhere near as complete a meal. My Westwood Village favorite reliable is Thai House on Gayley across from Whole Foods -- a surprisingly quiet, nice atmosphere with good service and tasty Thai food at reasonable prices. Get the mee krob and yellow curry, along with other dishes. For at least one dish per person with drinks, tip and tax maybe $15 per person. I always end up so much happier and more satisfied than at CPK or BJ's or Chili's or the expensive places.

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                          Nosh, since you post on Thai House fairly often, are you aware they are a participant in the KCRW Fringe Benefit discount card program - 15% off (food only):


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                            Thank you, JBC. I did not know that. And I have been a KCRW subscriber (love the live concert sets on Morning Becomes Eclectic) and need to renew my membership.

                        2. I second Tanino...Love it each time. Food and service always of high quality.

                          1. Pomodoro and Sprazzo on Westwood Blvd are both great! DONT go to Pizzicoto! we just came from there and we had the worst food! i've had better food on an airplane plus we felt totally ripped off! DONT TO TO PIZZICOTO