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Garlic Paste in a Tube

Has anybody tried this?

I just saw it in a store next to the tubes of tomato and anchovy paste (which I both use and love.)

It just seems counterintuitive to me, especially when you can get fresh garlic cheap.

If you use tubed garlic, what do you use it for?


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  1. If you are using tubed garlic, I have an old mackerel I will smack you with.

    Slightly used.

    1. I confess, I have used garlic in a tube . . . trim brussel sprouts, halve them, toss them with a squirt of tubed garlic, olive oil, salt, and roast for 20 minutes. Addictive. It is also good to mix in with steamed kale (add red pepper flakes too). I've tried the brussel sprouts with fresh minced garlic but I end up with chunks of garlic, which tends to burn quickly at high temperatures (when roasting). The puree does not burn.

      I'm all for fresh garlic for most applications, but the tubed garlic puree is really good for certain uses. I would never use it to replace fresh garlic in a tomato sauce, or most other dishes, but I love it on roasted brussel sprouts and steamed greens.

      1. Yes, I admit, I use it too. I use it mostly when I'm making a last minute little bit of dipping sauce (e.g., soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, green onions, chili pepper) or to toss in with blanched veggies (spinach, bean sprouts, etc.) for the lunch box; as mentioned above, it's good for getting mixed in quickly. I also use it in salad dressings.

        Basically, I find it handy for applications where I'm in a rush and my focus is on something else (frying a pancake, getting to work, whatever), and where I want it to blend quickly and thoroughly into something. (I generally use garlic quite sparingly, so I also like that I can get a tiny little dab of it)

        1. in the indian stores they sell big pouches (maybe 8 to 12 oz?) of garlic, ginger, and combi garlic/ginger. the indian food i've had made with pouched garlic and ginger is really tasty, so i'd imagine if you're doing indian cooking tubed garlic would be okay.

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            I too love the convenience and no-waste aspects of tubed tomato paste (does anyone ever use up an entire can?) and also anchovy paste. I occasionally use the tubed stuff mixed with softened butter to make garlic bread with a small amount of leftover bread, esp w/ a salad as a quick lunch for one.

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              Hmmm... I roast a lot of veggies and typically use garlic powder because of the burn thing. I wonder if there's much of a taste difference. The tube stuff doesn't burn? Really?

          2. Side question:
            How long do you think these tubed products last? I cleaned out my fridge today and am debating throwing away a tube of good tomato paste that I had forgotten about.

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              I think they last quite a while.

              I always just squeeze a little out, then do another test squeeze. If it smells then tastes fine, I use it.

              I'm not dead yet!

            2. First time post. I have a problem with garlic. I enjoy it in small quantities in dishes, but I CANNOT STAND preparing raw garlic, or the smell of raw garlic cooking. This is not just a foible - a strong smell of garlic makes me gag. Strange how I like it in dishes, but that's the way it is. I am now trying to confront my phobia and have purchased my first tube of puree. It will be used sparingly and then it will go inside one (possibly two) plastic bags and then into a Tupperware dish. You see how bad this is? I will report on any progress in due course . If anyone has any tips on using this product (when to add to dishes like chili or Bolognese sauce for example) I would be v grateful.

              No such problems with tomato puree - love the stuff! Great as a flavour and as a (zero-fat) thickening agent. I ALWAYS buy tubes. In the past when I have bought cans or jars I find that the first use is fine but within 2 days the remainder has generated a good culture of penicillin mould. I assume that the stuff in tubes survive longer because air is excluded and I strongly recommend tubes for that reason.

              1. Heere's a link to Durot frozen garlic and herb packs. I keep a pack or two each of garlic and basil just for emergencies. You just peel back the plastic film and pop out however many cubes you need. An alternative to the tube.