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Aug 2, 2007 12:30 PM

Sushi with Brown Rice?

I am looking for a place that will make sushi with brown rice. Prefer a nice place so that I can bring a group and we can enjoy the atmosphere. Thank you

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  1. Good question... I like the flavor it adds. I've only ever seen it done at Whole Foods, though.

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      A lot of places do this, from the crappy mall sushi you get at the eaton centre to Hosu at Queen West (I think they can sub brown rice into any roll). A lot more sushi places have started offering it as an option.

    2. ...never seen it at a sushi restaurant here, but have seen it at plenty of markets within the city.

      1. You can get it at Souen - macrobiotic restaurant. It's pretty good, but mostly vegetarian options. I think that the sushi place on University and 12th (I can't remember the name) had it many years ago but I'm not sure if it still does.

        1. Sushi a Go Go on Bway b/w W.63rd and W.64th does for a $1 added charge.

          And if you just want to pick some up one day, Whole Foods in Columbus Circle makes it with brown rice too.

          1. Sakura Hana in the West Village will make you sushi with brown rice. This place is a hidden gem, so affordable, fresh - the menu is not huge, so you know that they just focus on what they do best. Floyd is the head sushi chef and manager there, such a nice guy, it is overall a lovely neighborhood place. It is right near Piccolo Angolo, on Hudson near Jane.

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            1. I second Hamachi! I ordered from them last night actually. Fresh sushi and delivery is quick. And they will pretty much make you any roll you want with brown rice. Delish. And they always give you a free dessert :)