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Aug 2, 2007 12:14 PM

Cafecito on Ave C

Anyone experience a meal here and if so any recommendations?

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  1. I love cafecito. The ropa vieja is great, as is everything else I've had here. Make sure to leave room for the best tres leches cake in town.

    1. Great little spot...beef empenadas, churasco, ropa vieja are all great for the price. The sandwicjhes also looked large and outstanding.

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        Went with three other people. Everyone enjoyed the food/drinks. I had the churrasco steak--it was so good I keep meaning to go back.

      2. Great place. Reasonably priced sangria and good fish specials (Chilean Sea bass was pretty good). The only thing that I have tried that I didnt like much, was the bistec a la milanesa or wahtever they call it there (Breaded steak). Lacked some umph. Would be much better with a fried egg on top or cheese and tomatoes or something interesting (thats how we do it in argentina). Anyways, go for it. There isn't even much of a wait usually.