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Aug 2, 2007 12:12 PM

The Crosby Connection of Lower Manhattan

I just started working across from City Hall, and am on the look out for good, cheap bites. I say something like the Crosby Connection because, it's cheap (for what you get), fast, fresh and filling. Is there anything like that in lower manhattan (ie city hall area & south) - it doesn't have to have sandwiches, just the value meeting goodness.

Also pluses for foods that aren't too heavy (it's good if i don't fall asleep at work after lunch).


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  1. For those who aren't familiar with that part of town, can you give some cross streets?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      pretty much looking for anything south of Worth Street. (I'm near B'way & Murray).

      1. re: gomuppets

        hoi an for vietnamese on west broadway by duane, bouley market, petit abeille

    2. nha trang on center street for awesome vietnamese food. i highly recommend the soft shell crabs and sweet and sour pork.

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      1. re: warrenr

        I like the pho bo satee (it's called something like that). Can't recall the exact name, but it is really good spicy beef soup with rice vermicelli. It's only 4.50 or so. While it sounds heavy for some reason I don't get that sleepy feeling after eating it, especially if I also get the Vietnamese iced coffee.

        1. re: michele cindy

          mangez Avec Moi, A thai place on W. Broadway btwn Murray and Warren. What's the Crosby Connection

      2. One day you might want to wander over near the Seaport (Front & Peck), avoid the touristy, mall part. Try Table Tales on Water. Not super cheap but fresh, good value and delicious food in a lovely space. Grace the owner also runs a catering business. You might want to do a search of this site there have been a lot of posts on the neighborhood. I like DoDo, Peck Slip and South (read reviews on this site). Barbarini on Front. You may want to try Zaitzeff (on John), pricey but fresh.