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Aug 2, 2007 11:59 AM

The best churro in New York?

I just came back from Peru, where I had an unbelievable churro in Lima. Any know of good churro spots in New York? Brooklyn and Manhattan preferred, though I'd go to Queens for a special-occasion churro...

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  1. I am partial to the churros at Doughnut Plant in Manhattan. I like all their other doughnuts as well.
    379 Grand St, New York 10002
    Btwn Essex & Norfolk St

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    1. re: chalkman

      These are kind of gourmet and expensive, and thus not really authentic, but the ones on the dessert menu at Tasca are freaking awesome.

      1. re: theworldaway

        How "gourmet" can fried dough with a bit of sugar be? They taste as good as any I've had in Argentina. IMHO.

      2. re: chalkman

        I believe they only make the churros on the weekends at the Doughnut Plant.

      3. Boqueria's are pretty good, and I have heard that Casa Mono does a fairly decent version at well. I've definitely seen clandestine churros vendors on the UES, but for me churros aren't street food. Hot and fresh out of the oil is half the battle, so I'd rather get them made to order at a restaurant. That's how I've enjoyed them in Spain and that's how I've enjoyed them here.

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          1. How about in White Plains? Any churros in WP?

            1. Donut Plant and Despana are my most recent go to churro places.