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Aug 2, 2007 11:42 AM

Restaurant Supply in DC?

Can anyone recommend any good restaurant supply/ cookware supply shops in DC? I get tired of lugging everything back from Zabar's or the Bowery in New York... Nothing fancy, just need a place that I can buy a pastry bag or a spatula for less that twenty dollars. Thanks!

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  1. i dont know of any within the city, although im sure there are a few. if you wanna come out to the 'burbs there's WEI Restaurant Equipment, off E. Gude Drive in Rockville. There's another one off Randolph road in Rockville as well (cant remember the exact name, but you could look it up in the phone book.)

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      South of Crystal City on Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington, behind an Afghan Restaurant, is a restaurant supply store.

    2. Best Supply in the Florida Avenue Market, just north of Capital Hill. Neither huge nor fancy, closes early but open on Saturdays. Has all the basics. Good prices. In the next block west of Litteri's. A few other stores in the area have food service supplies.

      Best Equipment Corp
      413 Morse St NE, Washington, DC 20002

      1. Thanks! I am going to check out Best Equipment this week and I let you know what I find out- I might try WEI this weekend. Thanks again!

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