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Aug 2, 2007 11:35 AM

Marina Del Rey ocean view patio lunch?

It seems like there are only rather boring places in Marina Del Rey that has patio seating, with an ocean view - Cheesecake Factory comes to mind. Are there any interesting and recommendable places that do?

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  1. Cafe del Rey

    Cafe Del Rey
    4451 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

    1. I haven't been there in years but Cafe Del Rey comes to mind. I'm sorry though..not totally positive if there's patio dining but the view's nice.

      1. Don't quote me on it, but I believe Jerne at the Ritz Carlton and Tony P's also have views. All the places are more a harbor/boats view than wide open ocean...

        There are also a few places at Fisherman's Village, but the only name I remember is Shanghai Red's. There's also an Italian place there and a Mexican place (El Cholo?).

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          i believe the mexican place is el torito.

          if you are really talking about an ocean view, as opposed to a marina view, i think the one place that has it and that also has a patio is the restaurant on the south side of the mouth of the marina pier. i think it used to be called the crab shack or something like that.