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Aug 2, 2007 11:32 AM

Fatty crab for 6 on a Sunday and a backup plan

We were going to try to go early -- very early -- to get a table. I was there once a long time ago and I don't remember the layout very well. Can they even seat a 6 top? What time should we plan to arrive?

If it doesn't work out, can anyone offer a nearby suggestion or 2? Moderate price point, pretty much any cuisine is fine.


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  1. I doubt you'll have a problem getting in.

    1. I had a problem getting in for 6 ppl, can't remember if it was a saturday or sunday, but it was pretty early, like 6:30 or something. They couldn't take us and basically told us that they couldn't accomodate 6 people that night, weird, haven't been back there. Anyway, we ended up at Pastis, blah... Should have walked down to the west village instead.

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        I guess we'll take our chances and maybe hit spice market as an alternative. That shouldn't be too bad at 6 or 6:30, right? What hipster wants to eat then?

        Thanks for the replies.

      2. Its not that busy on a sunday at 6pm, but they have an occasionally inforced policy of not seating parties of 6 together. We broke into a party of 4 and 2; the 4 sat first, and there was a 2 top open on the other side of the restaurant, with another 2 paying the check next to the table of 4, and the 2 people wanted to wait for the 2 top paying the check so that they would be close together, but they wouldn't let them. We said we'd order separately and do separate checks and everything, but they said no. I think they just worry about large parties tying up a table for a long time. This was about 6 months ago, you might just want to call and check to see what the policy is. That being said, I live around the corner and do like the food and have gone back, but usually as just 2 people.

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          Ouch! That is really discouraging, not to mention unprofessional. We definitely will walk out the door if that happens to us! Thanks for the warning.

        2. Would love to hear answers to the backup plan part of the question. I find the lack of good alternatives a major obstacle to eating at Fatty Crab. If you show up and discover a long wait, you're pretty much SOL.

          There's not much else I find tolerable in the Meat Packing District.

          August in the West Village is very solid, but if there's a long wait at Fatty Crab, there's likely to be a long wait there as well. I also like Lederhosen, but that requires a pretty particular mood. Other than that, there are some decent places to eat in far West Village, but nothing really exciting.

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            Well, the solution is to go on a Sunday night in August. The place was only about half full when we left at 8 ish.

            Great meal overall. With so many of us we got to order a lot. The only dud was the chicken hotpot. Very bland.

          2. What about El Faro?

            It is on Greenwich and Horatio, two blocks from Fatty Crab.

            Its the oldest Spanish place in NYC, great food, cool murals, not pricey.