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Aug 2, 2007 11:31 AM

Cupcakes in Ottawa?

Does anyone know of a good place that does cookies and/or cupcakes in Ottawa?

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  1. the only place i know of for cupcakes is three bakers and a bike bake shop & cafe on wellington street, just past holland (right beside bridgehead coffee). they will do custom cupcakes in different flavours, but usually have vanilla, lemon and chocolate available. they also do baby cakes, which are mini-cakes, enough for 4 people.

    my husband likes their cookies as well, though i prefer the cookies at bridgehead coffee shop. i have no idea who the supplier is, but it must be someone local.

    i find the bakeries in ottawa to be really lacking. they are great for breads and bread products, but it is hard to find a decent cupcake here.

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      I've had some really great cookies (different kinds of butter type, shortbread and meringues - fall/winter only) at The Cake Shop in Greenbank Square mall. It is at 250 Greenbank Rd just north of Hunt Club. phone 613 721-9062. I don't remember if they do cupcakes, but their cakes are quite yummy.

    2. You have to try Isobel & Company. The address is:
      12 Grenfell Cres.
      Unit B
      Ottawa, Ontario
      K2G 0G2
      Phone: 613.228.6962
      Fax: 613.228.6998
      They make the most delicious gingerbread cakes and cupcakes. Their products have actually been featured in the Williams-Sonoma catalogue. Pretty amazing for a small Canadian company. They are absolutely brilliant. Check out their website. I guarantee, you'll be addicted! I know I am!

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        Talk about a small world: I used to work with Heather (the owner of Isobel & Co.) at the French Baker in 2000-2001. She was seriously one of the most pleasant people I've ever worked with.

        I haven't tried her own line of baked goods, but based on her track record at FB - the tartes tatin, the opera cakes, the bûches de Noël, etc - I'd recommend giving it a shot.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. The address for Isobel's Cupcakes & Cookies is 117 Beechwood Ave., Ottawa, 613-742-0777. The Grenfell address is our old wholesale bakery - we are now located on Macfarlane Rd, but that location is only wholesale (no store front).

          1. Three Tarts on Wellington does excellent cookies, and *maybe* cupcakes. Everything they produce is impossibly delicious.

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              I'm looking for cupcakes for a wedding. I've tried the chocolate chili ones from the Flour Shoppe and tried a couple from Isobel's last month. I didn't like one of the icings on Isobel's (I thought it was the cream cheese, but I don't remember) and Urbanspoon reviews say Flour Shoppe's are a little dry. Wondering if there are any other places? I don't live in Ottawa, so it would be difficult for me to taste test.