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Aug 2, 2007 11:16 AM

Anone eaten at La Piazza Ristorante in Allentown, NJ?

I'm wondering whether or not people say this place is good because its the only Italian restaurant in town (which is the case with more than a few places that get absolutely rave reviews in a small town) other than DiMattia's or because it really is that good?

Regardless, how's their pizza, and how are their prices?

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  1. It is actually good, parking is always an issue unless you go early. The tiny lot fills up, I've seen a sign that there's parking behind the church next door.
    Thin, crisp brick oven type pizza is very good. I think they offer both the thicker/chewy crust and the thin crust, I've only had the thin crust. You can sit up front if you just want pizza, or in the dining room area. Entrees are very moderate in price, nice variety

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        I haven't been there, but a friend of mine who knows good food, likes it a lot.

    1. I just saw what you wrote and had to respond. La Piazza is by far one of the best restaurants around. They give you an enormous amount of great quality food. I love the menu. There is a lot to choose from and it's not the same old Italian dishes. Their prices are good and average. Pizza is great. I really recommend going for dinner.

      1. We like to stop for lunch on the way back from LBI. The food has always been good. Last time there, August 2007, my wife had a personal brick oven Pizza Margherita which was quite remarkable.

        1. We are locals to the area. The town does not offer much in way of eateries, but we really really enjoy this restaurant.... food is consistently fresh, service is consistently fast and friendly, and price is always right! The eggplant parmesean is excellent, we love the olive oil and herbs served with the bread, pizza is good... we have not gotten a bad meal yet and we eat there at least once a month.

          1. Long happy Story short we ended up here for a late lunch after testing out hubby's new 35 mile bicycle route through some great NJ Countryside.

            It is a larger, family style restaurant, with painted clouds on a high ceiling. By no means fine dining, but we really enjoyed our fresh salad and wood oven pizzas. Tried the Originale and a Sunshine pie - sausage, broccoli rabe, plum tomatoes, and mozzarella - very good. Hubby liked their sauce very much, sweeter tomato sauce, and asked how crowded they get on the weekends. They do not take reservations, start serving dinner at 3pm, and fill up quickly, by peak dinner hour the line is out the door, and around the building onto Church Street?!? They also offer a chocolate pizza which I will keep in mind for another time. Yes, Would return.

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              Shabby, La Piazza is a good neighborhood Italian restaurant and as you found out their wood fired pizza is very good. It does get crowded during prime times on the weekend. They also have a private room next door for functions.

              Was that you and your hubby climbing the hill on Clarksburg road in Millstone yesterday. I saluted some cyclists on our way back from a long hike. Beautiful day for a ride or hike.

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                Off topic
                Looking at the map, the ride bypassed that part...I think. Went from Perrineville - Roosevelt - Sun Tavern- Stage Coach - Chambers to Yellow Meeting House - Emleys Hill - Out to Allentown - double back Sharon Station - East Windsor via Etra - to Perrineville. It was beautiful!

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                  Thats a great ride, similar to the one I take. Such a pretty area and some hills to make it interesting :)

                  On the weekend, besides their regular menu, La Piazza has a list of specials that are usually quite good. You need to time it properly because of the no reservation policy.