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Aug 2, 2007 11:15 AM

Impoverished vegetarian honeymooners seeking Prague recomendations

My dreamy fiance and I will be married in less than a month(!) and will be honeymooning in Prague. We are staying near the castle, but are the sort to adventure to grittier neighborhoods. Between us we speak native English and German and passable French. I've read some postings about fried cheese with mayo sandwiches which sound divine, but am also looking for lighter fare as well.

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  1. Right; fried cheese is one of the main dishes on offer, here, to vegetarians. One does tire of it after about two meals, though... The other option, typically, is baked broccoli in cheese sauce...or salads. Creative vegetarianism is still a fairly new concept here, so the veg offers might seem depressingly small in restaurants.

    Some reliable places to find good veg include:
    Beas Dhaba (off Tynska) -- -- Cheap and good!
    Lehka Hlava (down the quay a bit) --
    the Bio Cafes (on Na Prikope 31 in the Pasaz Broadway) -- perhaps not exclusively veg, but good soups and fresh things, not to mention smoothies; also relatively cheap.
    Au Gourmand ( has some good meatless quiches; a tiny quiche is about 60 crowns... The perfect size for picnicking on Old Town Square.

    Some people swear by the Country Life chain, but I find their stuff completely lacking in taste and far too expensive, to boot.

    Veg entrees are listed as "bez maso" (without meat) on menus...

    If all else fails, stock up on whatever you need at the open-air market on Havelsky Trh or in a supermarket...but it would help to take along a small Czech-English dictionary if you want to be sure of what you're buying.

    Cheers and enjoy!
    And congratulations! :-)

    1. I had a beautiful vegetarian antipasto plate and fresh-squeezed carrot juice at Dinitz Cafe a few weeks ago. It's a lovely Art Deco spot, the young staff were friendly and spoke good English. With high ceilings up to the mezzanine, we weren't bothered by smoke. The coffee is better here than many places and even the bread was better here than the standard. And, it was cheaper than many of the spots we tried. My friend and I liked it best of our many meals. So fresh, simple, and well-executed. Here's more info,

      P.S. Just remembered there was an anchovy on the plate. . . you could ask for it to be omitted.