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Aug 2, 2007 10:57 AM

Echire butter and contrex

Hi there,
Anyone know where I can find Echire butter (beurre d'echire) and contrex in the GTA?
Any info is apreciated.

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  1. might already know this,but, Eshire butter is actually deemed illegal in Canada, the law states dairy products from Europe must be 60 days old before import, there might be a pasturization thing in there too...I've heard Normandy Butter is allowed and some say it's even better...I haven't tried it yet...

    Contrex? that a specialized diet water?

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    1. re: Recyclor

      Thanks, didn't know they were illegal.
      And yes, Contrex is the special water. I checked their website and they listed France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech, USA, and Japan but not Canada, so I wondered if they were imported at all...

      1. re: lilith

        If you ever go on a road trip to Michigan, you can get Echire butter at Zingerman's in Ann Arbor:

        1. re: foodie_expat

          But it's ILLEGAL to bring it back!!!!!!!!!
          I described my experience on another thread of being treated like a criminal for bringing in butter which was taken away multi-bagged to be incinerated!
          PS - They TOLD me it was illegal - but wouldn't provide me with any "rules" and I cannot find anything on any government website that describes the rules under which it was seized.

          1. re: estufarian

            I regularly bring butter back, although I admit that I've never tried to bring back Echire. I just say that I have groceries and they let me through.

    2. Just a couple of weeks ago I spoke to the guy at the cheese store, bemoaning that we did not get good butter in Ontario. Not only, do we not get stuff from Europe, the Ontario Milk Board keeps out good higher fat butters from Quebec.

      1. I was doing a google on this and found's sold by in GTA, delivered to your door.

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        1. re: Janine

          I tried this (along with many wonderful cheeses) at the Cookbook Store in mid May during the Sante wine festival. Andy Shay told us that the butter was previously unavailable in Ontario and he had only gotten it within the last 2 weeks. It was simply the most incredible butter I'd ever tasted. I bought a 250g amount (in a little wooden basket) for $15.

        2. Echire is at Scheffler's in SLM.

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          1. re: Cat123

            Also at Olliffe (near Summerhill LCBO).

          2. La fromagerie on College near Ossington is selling a Quebecoise butter that is lovely. Spread cold on baguette from Pain Perdu, which he also sells, sprinkly with sea salt and it's a gorgeous nibble!

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            1. re: stapler

              i just got some salted Echire

              Dunno if it`s worth $15 though for 250g
              I`ve been told it`s expensive in France too but this is a bit too much on a regular basis
              I`ll stick to lactancia for the most part

              1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                Seems like your tastes are similar to mine. Keep the Echire for myself!
                BUT - I can't find the salted lactantia cultured butter any more - only the unsalted cultured ar the salted churned. It ALWAYS used to be at Fiesta Farms - until a couple of weeks back - have you found that recently?

                  1. re: estufarian

                    I typically buy unsalted cultured so i don't keep my eyes peeled for the saled variety
                    I'll keep my eyes peeled for salted cultured though'

                    1. re: CoffeeAddict416

                      Thanks - right now I'm sprinkling Maldon salt on the cultured unsalted. it's a worthwhile hassle!

                      1. re: estufarian

                        There's a large stock of salted cultured at the Cherry St T&T of all places.

                        1. re: embee

                          Thanks Embee. Once I emerge from hibernation, that's where I'm headed.

                          1. re: estufarian

                            I was at About Cheese last week and they have been working with a small Ontario dairy (whose name escapes me) to come up with a local source for salted cultured butter. I bought some and it's delicious. I'm sorry but I forget the name but it comes in a gold foil wrapper and it's the only one on offer. I've never had Echire so I can't compare but perhaps it's worth a try.

                            1. re: peppermint pate

                              Drove past there (but didn't stop) on each of Tue/Wed/Thur this week!
                              Maybe next week. Thanks.
                              I'm always looking for great butter - but the Canadian version I found at the Cheese Boutique(from Ottawa Valley) was churned (not cultured), was unsalted - and cost double what other butters cost - so I've been a little gun-shy (ha-ha - guns vs butter - and totally accidental until I'd typed it) on artisinal Ontario product.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                FYI, it's called Traditions of Thornloe and made by Thornloe Cheese. The label describes it as cultured "light" (?) butter, salted. I remember thinking it was expensive. I'm so used to eating unsalted butter that I think I get a little giddy just from the salt hit, never mind the rest of it, but I've been enjoying it as a treat.

                    2. re: estufarian

                      That other farm store, Highland Farms, is selling it at $6 lb.
                      (I say farm store because they really do have a farm at Lakeridge and Hwy 2 in Ajax.)
                      I am not familiar with the uncultured process. In grade 2 I learned how to churn butter, but it was fresh cream from a nearby farm.

                      1. re: estufarian

                        Salted Cultured Butter (Lactantia) is back in stock at Fiesta Farms. Yay!

                        Fiesta Farms
                        200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA