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Aug 2, 2007 10:55 AM

New restaurant in town! Little Saigon Vietnamese

Hi dudes....

First post. I was at Asian Kebab House in East Windsor/Hightstown yesterday, and this new Vietnamese place opened up yesterday about two stores down. Picked up a menu, traditional fare, looks family owned. Hope someone can tell us about it!

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  1. Is this in the same shopping center with the City Streets?

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    1. re: mschow

      Yup. Also the same plaza as the great Kebab house.

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        Hey, construction, Thanks for the tip. Since this board also includes posts from states other than NJ, perhaps you could try substituting the name of the town in your headline? :-) Yes, we all wish there was a board dedicated solely to the entire state of NJ, instead of the ridiculous way it's divided between two boards now. But our pleas continue to fall on administrators' deaf ears. :-(

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          Will do. Thanks for the tip. LOL on trying to make a NJ board. We've got so many good restaurants.

    2. do you know if they have banh mi?

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      1. Went for dinner last night with the wife and daughter. It's OK, not nearly as good as the places in Edison. We didn't try the Pho... we'll save that for next time. We had a Gui Cuon (summer roll), Com dish (Pork chop, shredded pork, BBQ pork, and egg over rice), and a Bun (Vermicelli w/ BBQ pork & Spring rolls). Quality is very good and everything is very fresh, but it is missing the depth of flavor we've had at other Vietnamese restaurants, as well as in Vietnam. I believe they are targeting an american palate (waitress was surprised when we asked for hot sauce).

        The atmosphere is a bit stark, but the staff are warm and extremely friendly.

        I asked about Banh Mi, and the only thing they have on the menu is a "Humanitarian Sandwich" (vegetarian), The person I spoke with said she didn't realize there was a demand for Banh Mi. I told her that there was :-)

        I think this place has potential if they move to more assertive flavors in their dishes and move away from what they think their non-asian customers want.

        1. My daughter and I went to Little Saigon today.

          Menu looked a little Chinese and Vietnamese, though. They had fried rice, pho, appetizers and Vietnamese rice dishes.
          My daughter had the vermicelli with spring rolls and I had lemongrass beef over rice.
          I had the Vietnamese iced coffee (aaahhhh!!!!)
          But, as cranrob said, I had to ask for the hot sauce. They have no hot sauce on their tables! I also asked about the banh mi because it was written on their menu and was told that they don't have it and don't know when.
          This was an ok experience. It's open by a family and the wife does the cooking.

          I overheard that they were opened for about a week. They looked a little desperate for business, though. The owner or somebody was hanging outside the restaurant and the second we walked towards the place, he walked us in to our table and handed us our menus.
          Somebody else came in later on (I'm thinking it's somebody from the town) to eat there and was giving them advice on how to drum up business. Like advertising in the paper along with coupons, etc.

          It's a good place. I agree that the place in Edison is better but we should be grateful that we have one near us so we don't have to travel so far.

          Another good Vietnamese restaurant is in Sayreville on Route 9 South behind Burger King (in the same strip mall).

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            There is a Vietnamese restaurant in Cherry Hill, Pho Eden, which I really like. No atmosphere, spotlessly clean, however. Great pho, hot sauce on every table.
            Spring rolls are excellent; tried the summer rolls, which were not great.
            If you ever get into Philly, try Vietnam on 11th Street, or Vietnam Palace, which is right across the street. Vietnam is my favorite restaurant for Vietnamese.

            1. re: mschow

              thank you! will keep that in mind.

          2. Saigon has been evacuated. I called tonite to see what time they were open till, and the number has been disconnected.

            Oh well.

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              Kind of hilarious, they closed one week after I got food poisoning from bad shrimp (last time I ate there was 9/27). I took it as a sign.