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Aug 2, 2007 10:41 AM

Henderson Nevada Steakhouses - any rec's?

I am looking for a top notch steakhouse in Henderson, Nevada for a group in September. Need a semi-private or private space for 20 people maximum. Our group will be staying at Lake Las Vegas and will have transportation so that isn't an issue. Just being someplace nice with good food is a priority. Preferable local, not a chain (so no Mortons please)

I have been pointed in the direction of the steak house in the Green Valley Ranch casino by a friend that lives there, but want other ideas. I searched the board and I found the recommendation for Todd's Unique Dining and the menu looks promising, but would like to know if there are any other experiences that I could use to determine our pick for dining!

Any help /suggestions will be appreciated!

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  1. Todd's is a terrific restaurant and I highly recommend it. I am not a big fan of Hank's, the steakhouse at the GVR, but it is much more "glitzy" and fancy than Todd's, and has a large bar area if that is of interest. I just find it overpriced and the food just average. Another restaurant is Steak, which is pretty close to LLV and has had mixed reviews on this board; it is a neighborhood place and we've had good experiences there. It has an excellent wine list or you can pick your own out of the adjoining wine store. At LLV itself, we liked Bistro Zinc, but there was a fire there recently and I'm not sure what the status is of the restaurant. One of our local critics also gave a favorable review to the Vineyard, which is at the Falls Golf Club.

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      I pulled down the menu for Steak yesterday when I started my search. The website makes it seem youthfull enough which is a plus, I can't have something super stogey and club house feeling, like I have found Morton's to be. I think the idea of getting wine from the store next door is a really fun idea! I will add that to my list. Thank you so much!

    2. Sunset Station has a great steakhouse, Sonoma Cellars. They also have two areas where they can house your group. While Todd's may have good food, they are too small for a group your size. We have also had a meal at Steak, the food and even more so, the service, is not worth going back for.

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        PerSally - Thanks so much for the information, I would rather have my guests have room to breathe and if Todd's is too small, I don't want to have an error in judgment because of the online menu looking good! My Dad would travel to Vegas alot and always said that the Palace Station buffet was terrific back in the day, so I will definately look into Sunset Station, and if they are still hungry they can always head over to Hooters!

        Thanks for the pointers!

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