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Aug 2, 2007 10:35 AM

Where did my cheap Indian buffet go on Fulton (Financial District)

there was a cheap Indian buffet place on Fulton right before Broadway, they moved, but I don't know where they went!

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  1. If you mean A Spice Route (formerly Tandoor Palace), he closed that branch and now serves only from his other restaurant just down the street around Fulton and Gold. If I understood him right, he had both places open for a while, but the rent was too high at the new location, so he closed it. The bad news is he no longer serves dosas, which was a big attraction at the new (closed) place. He told me there has been demand for dosas and that he intends to start offering them again some day.

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      thanks for the reply, as long as they keep the buffet lunch, I'm happy!

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        Is it the Indian place up the stairs at 88 Fulton? I ask, because I ventured in there on Friday, and... no buffet! I was confused and wandered away again in disappointment. That buffet hit the spot in so many ways!