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Aug 2, 2007 10:34 AM

Review Allesio-Simi Valley

My wife and I went last night for our anniversary. We ordered Caprese Salad - a large mozzarella, tomato & basil plate which came with roasted peppers. It was presented beautifully and was delicious. Our main course was chicken parmigana which we have had before. Yes, I know it's not an adventurous dish but I love the way they it's made plus I was hungry and this is a hugh portion. Sides were the thin spaghetti slathered with garlic and I am guessing olive oil and a serving of al dente veggies. There were at least 10-12 beautiful dessert offerings. We chose a florentine cannoili with cocoa cream inside and a dense chocolate cake with white cream inside. Both were delicious. When I was speaking with our waiter I mentioned that maybe I should have tried the homemade bread pudding instead of one of our choices. The waiter went back to the kitchen and got me a thin slice of the pudding to try. It was to die for. I was impressed that he took the time to "present it" and not just give me a sample alone on the plate. the service was excellent and the restaurant was hopping with customers. I am glad because Simi needs a decent restaurant and needs to shun it's reputation of having no good food. The website still doesn't have the Simi location listed.

2892 Cochran-where Red's BBQ used to be.

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  1. Don't you mean near where Hudson's was? Red's is still there (I think) and Alessio's isn't actually occupying the same space that Hudson's was. I miss Hudson's good shakes and decent food.


    P.S. Thanks for the review of Alessio's. I was wondering about them and whether they were associated with the one in Northridge.

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      ii2big-I guess its kind of confusing. Red's is now further east on Cochran but in the same plaza. After Red's moved a few years ago someone tried to put in a tapas place but it failed and then Alesio came in there. It's beautiful inside and has a great bar. I tend to not mention bar's because I don't drink.

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        Ok, thanks for the clarification; I've only been going out to Simi for the last couple of years.

    2. Great review. Thanks! I have always gone to the one in Northridge and have always been pleased with my meals there. It is nice to have a good place in Simi (even though I don't live out in that area anymore!).
      What I love about Alessio's is that when they changed the menu and took off my favorite dish - Veal Pizzaiola (breaded veal topped with a tomato/green olive/caper sauce) that they will still make it for me - and not charge a huge price for it! I love Alessios, glad you like it, too!