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Aug 2, 2007 10:22 AM

Backyard birds?

Has anyone bought eggs at Backyard birds- which is on the same road as Verrill Farm? There was an article in the Globe about them. We went there to buy eggs and the refrigerator is empty. Was wondering if anyone has had any success in finding eggs there?Especially interested to know the best times and/or days to go as it is quite a trip and I do not want to go again and be disappointed.

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  1. Hi emilief,
    I go to Verrill Farm a lot and was totally unaware of Backyard Birds existence. They offer a whole lot more than just fresh local eggs.Here's everything you need to contact them so please do report back. TIA



    Backyard Birds
    159 Wheeler Rd, Concord, MA 01742

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      thanks HarpOOn- I have sent them several emails and they have told me how to buy the eggs, however, they have not answered my three inquiries re when is the best time to go to ensure that there will be eggs!!!!! If anyone manages to get eggs there, please let me know!

    2. They got slammed with orders after the article came out, according to their website, and the eggs are first-come/first-serve.

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        1. Chip In Farm in Bedford has a nice selection of fresh eggs, including special separated pullet eggs, from free-running hens, whatever that means. Not organic, though, I'd guess. Great tasting, though. They have over 18,000 birds and plenty of eggs. Here's a Globe article:

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            Chip in is a nice family run egg business. They do a good job of providing local eggs. There eggs are fresh. The birds are raised in the upstairs of a barn, no organic grain, no access to outside. They have a small retail store open year round. They have 2000 birds.

        2. Wise broilers, available at Whole Foods, are organic and kosher chickens whose taste is superior to any other organic bird I've had. Since Backyard Birds may be hard pressed to meet the demand for their meat chickens, give Wise a try.


          1. What does the place look like. Went to Verrill Farm yesterday and continued down the road but could not find it. Did see a door (closed) in a barn type building that said chickens on it; was that it?

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              That was it! Open the door and take what you want out of the fridge and leave the $. (there was nothing in the fridge when we went).