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Aug 2, 2007 10:18 AM

Hong Kong boat festival in Qns--worthwhile food excursion?

The Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival sounds like fun -- description below -- but I am wondering if there are any culinary draws. Anyone been? If so, is the food distinctive?

"The NY Dragon Boat Champtionships will be on Saturday and the US Champtionships on Sunday. To round out the event, expect a Shaolin Kung Fu demonstration, dancing dragons, a dumpling eating contest and much much more."

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  1. It's never been a good food event in the past. Here are some comments on last year's event -

    Go for the races and then get over to Flushing for the good stuff.

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        I was there today. There were some 3 for $1 dumplings that I didn't try. That might have been the best, and only, freshly prepared Chinese food. Other vendors were selling lo mein, fried rice, egg rolls and fried wings that were cooked elsewhere. The vendor with the Caribbean food was the most interesting but I didn't want to risk eating something that had been sitting around in the heat all day. The only thing I did wind up buying was a $1 bottle of Peppercorn Chili Oil. Oh, and they were giving away Stonyfield Smoothies.

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          Agree that it is not a worthwhile food event. As for the Carribean food ("Crystal and Olivia's Catering"), I wasn't able to sample the food. The lady there kept making up prices "That should be $7. That menu is wrong." Riiiight. And, she didn't serve myself or my partner. She assisted 5 people that were behind us in line and were walking up and refused to acknowledge us. In fact, her little daughter took our order, but she wasn't allowed to actually put the meat on the plate, but her mother just kept bypassing us for whatever reason. I'm not quite sure why you would set-up at a dragon boat festival if you want to refuse to sell to Chinese people. Really.

    1. The whole event was a total waste of time. Boats were not exciting to look at. Food was minimal in terms of stands, offerings and quality. Just nothing to do unless you wanted to stand in lines for all the corporate stands offering who knows what. The only upside was that we had a lovely stroll through the Worlds fair grounds on a very nice day.

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      1. re: pulled pork

        wasnt a waste of time for me; i was actually in a paddling team :P