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Aug 2, 2007 10:10 AM

Condado (San Juan) - breakfast

I'll be spending a few days in San Juan, staying in the Condado. It's a work trip, so lunches and dinners will probably be arranged, but any recs for a good early morning breakfast or late night snack would be appreciated. If there is a must-eat dinner, let me know and I'll try to arrange that. Local food preferrable.



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  1. The last time I stayed in the Condado Area of Puerto Rico we used to go to Danny's International on Ashford Avenue a couple of blocks away from the Marriott. The breakfast was very good as well as the coffee. I know that they serve pizza and other dinners for lunch and dinner although we never tried the lunch or dinner.

    1. Hi! I am from the island but live in New England. I go back all the time and can give you a few recs. For breakfast, you should go to Old San Juan to a place called La Bombonera. It's one of the oldest and best known spots to eat. Here's a review I found: "This restaurant dates back to 1902 and offers exceptional value at affordable prices. Known for its homemade pastries and endless cups of coffee, for decades it was a rendezvous for the island's literati and for Old San Juan families. Today, the food remains authentically Puerto Rican, including rice with squid, roast leg of pork and seafood asopao. For dessert, select an apple pie, or one of the many types of flan. Service is polite, if a bit rushed, and the place fills up quickly at lunchtime."
      If you go for breakfast I highly recommend having a mallorca. It's very typical of the island and it's delicious. It basically a large sweet bread with powdered sugar on top. Can't go to the island without trying that. If you go for lunch, there's many typical dishes you can try there. Also for dinner, some of the hottest spots to eat are in what's called "SOFO" It's short for "South of Fortaleza" which is where the Governor lives. There's Dragonfly - creative cuisine; red walls, loud music, funky, trendy, and delicious food. Anything from sushi to duck nachos (surprisingly delicious) Pricey but worth it. You should ask the concierge at your hotel for other suggestions, they are usually well connected and can guide you in the right direction. Also, for a typical meal you can try Ajilimojili in Condado. They are all about the local food and it's a nice environment too.
      Alex :)

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        Thanks, Bralex. I'm going to Puerto Rico for the first time soon and your post is very helpful.

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          I second La Bombonera on San Fransisco. The Mallorca grilled is to die for....

        2. I'll reply to my own post with a recommendation. I didn't have much chance to explore, but I did eat dinner at a restaurant called Miro, which specializes in seafood. It is in the Candado, a few blocks sout of Ashford (before the highway). It's on the street that Walgreens is on. The seafood we all had was delicious, and perfectly prepared.

          I also had lunch in a restaurant called Soleil in Pinones, whcih was good enough, but with a stellar view, as it was right on the ocean (eat upstairs if you go).