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Aug 2, 2007 09:44 AM

Ocean City (moved from Washington/Baltimore)

My cousins and I are visiting Ocean City for one day. Any good recs? Not too expensive we are all students. thanks!

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  1. you must have Thrasher's fries with vinegar (several locations on the boardwalk). and Dumpser's icecream - my personal fave is teh coconut chocolate chip with jimmies.

    1. If you look at the Mid Atlantic Board there are a couple recent posts on this topic.

      My favorite place for breakfast/brunch in Ocean City is The Bayside Skillet. They have great fried potatoes, omelettes and crepes. The portions are huge and easy to split. I think they are open all day and have a dinner menu at night.

      For mexican Tequila Mockingbird is also pretty good. There is usually a wait, but their margarita's are good and their bar isn't too small.

      1. Just north of OC in Fenwick Island is the Fenwick Crab House. Great food at student prices.

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          Mackys on the Bayside has a great happy hour food specials:

        2. try fausto's bistro on the boardwalk 12th st. great brick oven pizza's - good food, affordable. OR fishtales on 21st & the bay. fun atmosphere, decent food, affordable.