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Aug 2, 2007 09:43 AM

Fuji in Shrewsbury

Just letting everyone know that Fuji in Shrewsbury on 35 in the Staples shopping plaza (used to be Treasure Island shopping center) has changed owners and sushi chefs and has taken a downturn! Total shame since it was my absolute favorite sushi in Monmouth county! There is another sushi/Japanese steakhouse-I think called KiKi or Kiku or something similar- opening in the Work Out World center in Tinton Falls (by the A&P on 35) that I'm hoping the old owners of Fuji went to. I can only hope!! :)

Anyone have any other suggestions for sushi near Eatontown? We like unusual combos and not the normal rolls.

Thanks Chowers!

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  1. Thanks for the tip - Used to go to quite often, until we found Sawa ( Eatontown ) and now Sumo ( Wall Twp )

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        Sumo is on Rt. 35 in Wall by the Pathmark.

    1. The first and only time we went to Fuji (some time last year) we were not overly impressed. We like Little Tokyo, Sawa in Eatontown, and especially Ichiban in Ocean. Looking forward to trying Kiki or whatever that will be. I believe someone posted about it on another thread, but I can't find it.

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        Another vote for Sawa and Ichiban in Ocean. Takara also in Ocean isn't bad. I haven't been to Little Tokyo since the change in ownership.

      2. With all the competition we have to expect casualties.

        Friends of mine enjoyed Fune in Ocean, Izu in Long Branch and Takara in Ocean.
        Sawa is popular and always crowded.
        Andrea Clurfeld recently tried Wasabi in Long Branch and enjoyed it, however, I havent been there myself.

        1. The name of the resto by WOW is called Kanji. It was to open mid July. I was there yesterday and does not look even close to opening.

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          1. I've been to Fuji a few times this month and the owners are still the same. Jenny, the owner, is still there. I think the sushi chefs are the same (but I don't usually notice these things). I have noticed though that there are more sushi special rolls and they're really good. The Summer Roll is great since I love any kind of sushi that has mango in it.

            I wonder when the new restaurant across the street will open up? Has anyone looked in it yet to see if it's almost ready?