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Aug 2, 2007 09:37 AM

Boston to Bar Harbor--with a few stops along the way --how does this list look?

Ok, here's the deal. We're headed to Bar Harbor from Boston, beginning our travels Sat am. We'll stop in Oguinquit to see a friend, and then late afternoon head to Boothbay Harbor, where we are staying for the night. So, I'm looking for a casual meal in Boothbay Harbor, Sat night. Or...somewhere relatively close to Boothbay...Then breakfast Sat am, also probably in Boothbay...we'll move on to the Camden/Rockland area around looking for a good lunch spot somewhere along that route. Then we'll make our way to Bar Harbor, where we'll stay from Sun-Sun.
For the most part, I'm looking for good food, served in a casual environment, emphasis on authentic, local cooking. The more history a place has, the better. The more locals, the better too. If the place has a waterview and or picnic tables/outdoor seating, that's great too..we'll have the pup with us and though he can be left behind it would be great to have options where we could bring him with us. One nice evening (without the pup, indoor dining) in Bar Harbor area would be great too, I'm not sure I've found anywhere that's jumping out at me, Hugo's maybe?

I've done some research and here's my list so far. Would love comments, additional suggestions, etc.


Lobsterman's Co-op: this seems like it might be better for lunch but might fit the bill if we're looking for a casual dinner.
Mac Segulls: like the sound of the outside deck on harbor, but is it really touristy? That's ok if the food is good.
Bet's: fish shack on the common. Again, this sounds like it's a great lunch spot, not even sure they are open around dinner hours, unless we go early.
Blue Man Cafe: for breakfast...


Francine, or the Edge at the Inn: both sound great but only dinner right? Don't think we'll be here for dinner, unless it's a really early one.
Waterfront: this sounds right up our alley, right ont he water, great deck, stick to pub-style food, steamers, burgers, that's do-able for lunch.
Young's Lobster Pound: this isn't right in Camden right? But in Belfast....? Need to look at a map to see if it's way out of our way.

Bar Harbor:

Havana, Adel's Lobster Pound, Ben and Bills ice cream, Jordan Pound, Beals Lobster Pier, Jordan's Restaurant (breakfast), any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

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  1. List looks good, but if your driving on Rte. 1 a short drive off there just past Wiscasset is Glidden Point Oyster Sea Farm. Bring your own shucking knife and pick up some oysters or littleneck clams for a little break before you get to Bar Harbor. Looks like it could be right up your alley.

    1. For your indoor Bar Harbor dinner, might I recommend Cafe This Way? My SO and I went for dinner there our first night, and liked it so much we went back for brunch the next day. Great, creative food, and casual atmosphere - they have big garage-type doors that open up to the patio when it's nice out. 2 Cats is great for brunch, too, although I thought Cafe This Way had better service.

      Abel's Lobster Pound is a very good choice - the view of Somes Sound is great from there... the only natural fjord in the US!

      1. Always appreciate when someone does their research first :-)

        If you stop for dinner prior to Boothbay consider The Ocean Grill in Edgecomb. Nice river views and good food. (Service can be "casual").

        In Boothbay Harbor itself consider 93 Townsend. Non-touristy...lobster rolls to lobster risotto.

        You're correct that Young's is in Belfast, but not far from Rte One. Also in Belfast is Chase's Daily which could be a good "non-lobster" lunch stop.

        Bar Harbor: Havana for good "splurge" dinner.


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          Ah yes, as a fellow Chowhound, I know the merits of researching first and then asking questions later ;)
          Thanks so much for the recs, guys. Have couple of new places on my list now. Cafe This Way looks great, now will have a tough time deciding btwn b'fast and dinner! Maybe we'll have to do both like you did, Raedia.
          Two recs for Chase's Daily...if we can hold out past Camden we'll definitely give this a try.
          Appreciate all the recs, feel free to keep 'em comin!

        2. For the Boothbay-Bar Harbor Stretch, I would hold out for an extra 25 minutes past Camden until you get to Belfast and go to Chase's Daily for lunch. Just what you're looking for...they use their own local organic produce. Great atmosphere and a killer bakery to boot! Note that they are closed on Mondays.

          Chase's Daily
          96 Main St, Belfast, ME 04915

          1. Reds Eats in Wiscasset for lobster roll.

            On the Camden/Rockport border check out Prism - you can have nice lunch and check out some stained glass.

            Right in town in Camden is Cappy's for pub fare.

            Near Bar Harbor i agree with Havana. Or a bit out of town we really enjoyed the Burning Tree - between Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor.

            Abels was ok - great blueberry pie. I still prefer Bealls or Thurstons.

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            1. re: harrison

              As a "camdenite" I must refute any recommendation that suggests Cappys as passable or even (gulp) good. It's just awful, always has been and (small but important footnote) longstanding rumor has it that this "Chowder House" gets the bulk of their chowder from a pre-made canned clam chowder. Snow's I think. I haven't been to Prism but it looks interesting. They are on route 1 though and I have to say that there is no better place to be for lunch or drinks then right downtown on Camden Harbor in the summer.
              I've seen a few people suggesting Cappy's on this board, it has always baffled me. Locally Cappy's is one of the places to steer WAY clear of, just saying....

              1. re: camdenkid

                Hey Camdenkid,
                We'll be picking my gf's daughter up from camp outside of Camden (Hope). Where should we have lunch (we'll ultimately be heading inland toward Winthrop)?

                1. re: camdenkid

                  Camdenkid - Where should we be dining in Camden then if not Cappys?