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Jan 10, 2006 03:22 PM

Pure Grain Bakery - great rye bread from Vacaville

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At Speisekammer we recently had the best rye bread I've had in a long time. They get it from Pure Grain Bakery in Vacaville. Anybody seen this retail outside of their Vacaville store?

Link: http://puregrainbakery.com

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    Robert Lauriston

    I already emailed the bakery to ask about retailers, and will post the answer.

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      Thanks in advance for your future post! Ever since I moved here from the east coast (last Oct.)I have been missing good rye. Did their rye have many caraway seeds in it (so often it overwhelms the flavor)? Thanks again.

      1. re: nora
        Robert Lauriston

        I don't recall any caraway seeds.

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          No seeds =even better ! Thanks for the speedy reply.

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            Robert Lauriston

            I'm not sure there are none, just don't remember there being any.

    2. I am also a rye bread lover. The best rye bread I have found in the area is made by Sterntaler Bakery. They sell at Fresh Organics in San Francisco and DeMartini in Los Altos. It is 100% rye and made with fresh sourdough (as they explained). You should try it if you have a chance.

      Link: http://www.sterntalerbakery.com

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        Thanks for the tip, Nina! I will go to Fresh Organics today.

      2. After five or six attempts by email and phone, I finally got an email back from Pure Grain: you can get some of their stuff at Rainbow Grocery in SF. No retail outlets in the East Bay at this time.

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          Does Pure Grain have an outlet in Vacaville???? We get over that way frequently and darn - good fresh rye bread is a treasure!

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            They have a bakery-cafe in Vacaville. See the URL in the first post.

        2. Hi Robert, I have had the Rye bread at the Speisekammer and it is very good but I found one that's even better.It's from ANNA'S Daughters Rye Bread comes from Sausalito and is only available at Berkeley Bowl and at the Berkeley Farmers Market. She makes 2 kinds I believe, but my favourite is the one with Sunflower and Flax seed. It's not cheap. She also takes mail orders.

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            Anna's Daughters is the super-dense loaf that Brickmaiden sells, right? It's good but a different sort of bread entirely.

            1. I called her once to find out where else I could buy her bread and she told me only in Berkeley. Her address is in Sausalito.