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Aug 2, 2007 09:20 AM

Minneapolis Hound in Charleston, SC this Sunday

Minneapolis Hound here who is glad to be heading out of the sadness and chaos here in Minneapolis this weekend and head down to South Carolina. I have a wedding in Columbia, SC on Saturday but then am heading for the first time to Charleston hopefully in time for Brunch/lunch on Sunday.

I was hoping for a recommendation for Sunday brunch that will serve fresh regional foods a la carte, not a huge hotel buffet. We are three young-ish women so buffets just are just too much!

We have dinner planned at McCrady's on Sunday night.

Then Monday, we want to have a nice lunch before heading to the airport. I know lots of restaurants are closed on Mondays but maybe someone know of something? Or we are pondering doing the Ashley River Road Plantations - is there something unqiue and Chowish out in that direction?

Many thanks for your help!

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  1. My prayers are with your townsfolk.

    One of the plantations is said to have a wonderful lunch - maybe Middleton Place? Hope you enjoy your visit.

    1. Tristan is good for either Sunday brunch or Monday lunch. They can take reservations, but you probably won't need them. Joseph's is a pretty good bet for a more casual Sunday brunch, but you will likely have to wait awhile to get in, though probably not more than 20 minutes.

      1. Middleton is beautiful and the food is great. They have also reopened Charlestowne Landing which I have yet to visit.

        I second the recommendation for Tristan. Their Sunday brunch is not usually that crowded and you can order several things a la carte. I highly recomend anything they do with pork ribs or duck. Skip the duck egg side though. Turns out duck eggs look and taste just like chicken eggs but smaller. A better bet for a good egg is any restaurant that buys eggs from Celeste at Sea Island Farms. Her happy chickens produce the most beautiful orange buttery yolks you have ever seen.

        Just around the corner from Tristan is High Cotton whose BBQ Duck Hash I can not say enough nice things about.

        Since you will be a group of young ladies you may find Moe's Crosstown Tavern to be fun. They are the pioneers of the Charleston bar-brunch scene. Big, hearty brunch food and the best Bloody Mary ever. No insipid watery bloody's there. Get there before 11AM if you want a seat though.

        Monday lunch at Middleton would be a fitting end to any trip to Charleston. If you find that you are pressed for time I would go to Five Loaves for soup/sandwich/salad. Going to the airport from downtown you will have to pass by the Park Circle area of North Charleston. That would be a good excuse to visit some of the restaurants up there. Sesame is owned by the same people as Five Loaves and also very good. My new favorite would have to be EVO Pizza. They have pizza that is every bit as good as Two Amy's in D.C. (which is extraordinary). They also use lots of fresh local ingredients. I'm not sure if they are open on Monday's though.

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        1. re: CharlestonChow

          EVO is wonderful. A pizza place with a seasonal menu, who would have thought? They use an authentic wood burning oven, and they make their own mozarella, sauce, sausage, etc. But they are closed both Sunday and Monday I believe.

          1. re: Low Country Jon

            Jon, you are correct. EVO is closed on Sunday and Monday. BTW, EVO's pannini are great as well as the pizza.

            1. re: Low Country Jon

              Sounds good. Where is EVO located? I tried to find it online but struck-out.

              1. re: Cpt Wafer

                They are located on E. Montague a couple of blocks from Park Circle. Here is their website:


                I was there last night. Unfortunately, heirloom tomato season has passed, and with it, their terrific panzanella (bread salad), but they are now featuring a soup of pureed local corn that is fantastic. They tell me they will be doing a shrimp pizza soon, but I haven't seen it yet. In addition to having a seasonal menu, they also have nightly specials that usually include at least a pizza and a salad. The special pizza last night was a walnut pesto, chantrelle mushroom, and watercress combo which was pretty good. Didn't try the salad, but the description was intriguing: watercress, Split Creek goat cheese, fresh figs from a tree down the street, and a lime vinagrette made from fruit from ANOTHER tree just down the street! The specials are what keep me coming back on a regular basis--I'm always curious about what they will come up with next.

                1. re: Low Country Jon

                  Thanks for the link and the info LC Jon I've got to get down there soon and try the corn soup.

          2. Poogan's Porch is great for brunch! I believe it's on Queens Street in a historic house.

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            1. re: uncgirl

              i agree about poogan's. amazing biscuits!

              Also, see if Hominy Grill is open for brunch.

            2. I've had some tasty vittles at Hyman's on meeting street. Not sure if they have a Sunday brunch, but their website doesn't mention anything about being closed on Mondays.

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              1. re: ewallace001

                Sorry to disagree but Hominy Grill and Hyman's are both less than favorites. Lana, on the opposing corner from Hominy, is far better in every way. Hank's, about a block away from Hyman's, is much better than Hyman's. There are a number of tourist traps in Charleston that can be O.K. but pale in comparison to so many others.