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Aug 2, 2007 09:09 AM

Best suckling pig in S.F Eastern and Western Style

I will be in SF in Oct. What are currently the best places to get suckling pig A)asian style and B) European style? Also are there any restaurants where you can order a whole small pig for your meal?

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    1. re: kc72

      Some good recomendations for asian style at your link, but what about european style. Also, where gould I get a very small whole one as a meal? as was featured in the Bizare Foods Spain episode?

      1. re: irbaboon

        Incanto's also discussed in that link. They'll cook you a whole one.

        1. re: irbaboon

          Was in Madrid a couple years ago and that suckling pig at Casa Botin was darn tasty! :) One thing that was really unique about Botin, which I've never seen elsewhere, is that they really use *suckling* pig -- the piglet is quite small and looks to be about two weeks old. All other "suckling" pigs I've had including Cuban, Asian, etc are definitely not at the suckling state (I grew up on a pig farm and we weaned them off at 1 month; Asian/Latin suckling pigs look to be about 2 months old).

          The closest you'd probably get to the Spanish suckling pig is the Latin style at Cuban or Puerto Rican restaurants -- sadly I don't know any in the area to recommend, but hopefully other chowhounds can!

          1. re: PekoePeony

            Yet another interesting factoid from you, P2! I've been told that suckling pigs are under 15 lbs., is that the 2 month level?

      2. I have always enjoyed the suckling pig in beer sauce at Suppenkuche.

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        1. re: Ron Goodwin

          My recent experience with Suppenkuche's suckling pig was a very tough, stringy piece of meat with a very gluey bread dumping. I ended up yearning for my tablemate's meat loaf.

          1. re: bernalgirl

            Anyone got know of any more places that serve European style Suckling pig?

            1. re: irbaboon

              Any new info on this for me? I leave at the end of the week

              1. re: irbaboon

                Jack Falstaff has excellent suckling pig you can order.

                1. re: contessa

                  Same again, I will be in SF at the end of this week!any new or note worthy places in Chinatown for suckling pig?