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Aug 2, 2007 09:07 AM

Baltimore RW reviews

I looked, but couldn't find a thread dedicated to this topic. Anyone have reviews of places they were for RW in Baltimore? I'm going to Black Olive tonight, and Oceannaire tomorrow, so I'll post reviews after those experiences. I'm also considering going somewhere for lunch tomorrow. Anyone go to Bicycle? I know someone must have, because I was unable to get reservations when I called last week!

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  1. I think the threads have so far been for one RW restaurant experience at a time.

    Decidedly underwhelmed by dinner at Corks. Food was good, yes - but for our meal, nothing approached greatness. My dining partner struck out, but my monkfish was okay.

    Lunch at Black Olive was quite nice - the only downfall was uninspired entree sides. Everything else was superb. (Apps: traditional spreads, grilled calmari stuffed with feta, Entrees: salmon, kabob of the day - which was rockfish)

    Dinner at Nasu Blanca was my favorite, with everything 'regular menu'-perfect. (Apps: mussels, japanese eggplant; Entrees: walu + paella)

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      Nasu Blanca sounds good... I might have to check it out this weekend. Have you been there for their regular fare?

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        I've been to Nasu Blanca several times, the first being shortly after they opened. I think it's been one of the best places we've eaten at, in addition to our other faves, like Bicycle and Charleston. It's a little bit on the pricier side, but for restaurant week, $30 there can't be beat. Still, outside of RW, try to get there; it's worth it!

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          the japanese eggplant dish at Nasu Blanca (which is on their regular menu) is dangerously good . . .

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            Well, I think the objective of Restaurant Week was accomplished - I hadn't been to Nasu Blanca before, but I'll happily return now!

            1. re: misssphinx

              Agreed re Nasu Blanca. Food was great and ironwork on stairwell and decor in second floor dining room matched the food. Loved the eggplant, mussels, and walu. Seated ontime for an 8:45 reservation. Excellent service and we felt that there was real value for the money spent.

              Actually we cancelled Saturday night at Black Olive due to reviews on this board to go to Nasu Blanca. Black Olive maybe later.

              Also went toPrime Rib for an 8:00 PM reservation earlier in the week. At the peak of their rush I asked the desk at 8:15 "how late are you running?" Maitre d' says 20 minutes or so. (I forgot to ask if that meant 20 minutes total or 20 minutes from when I asked the question. Around 8:45 we were told we were the next 2 on the list. At 8:55 I asked what was the status of our 8:00 reservation. During this time we observed others being seated ahead of us and wondered to ourselves if those who continued to drink at the bar were allowed to remain as long as they continued to imbibe (2 young ladies at the corner). When we were seated at a table in the room with the 3 piece combo (good) the maitre d' approached our table and apologised profusely for their delay in seating us. My wife voiced her concerns in a lowkey but animated manner. The maitre d' offered to comp our RW meals. I accepted feeling we had gotten the opportunity to express our displeasure and thought his response was adequate. We proceeded to order two glasses of wine from the regular menu (our cost) and tipped the waiter who delivered excellent gracious service for the wine and the meals as if we were paying for all. Food was great and despite the service delay I was impressed by Pime Rib's response.

          2. re: misssphinx

            Went to Nasu Blanca Thursday - had 8:30 res., arrived early, sat a bar with companion, told staff we were there - asked if we were going to be seated upstairs, said yes - companion looked at upstairs table at hostess' approval. However, we were not seated until close to 9pm. Sat at our table for close to 10 minutes until a server approached us. Food was excellent - lacked the professionalism up front, but again dinner was outstanding. Disappointed in the service.

          3. I just joined Chowhound today ... what is RW??

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            1. I posted a review earlier this week on my visit to Sotto Sopra. It can be found here:


              In a nutshell, it was a pretty horrible experience. I had never been, but was intrigued by their eclectic menu for RW, compared to others which were only offering one or two choices per course. I thought this versatility gave Sotto Sopra an advantage; rather, it turned out to be their downfall. I'll never go back, nor will I ever recommend it to anyone.

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              1. re: jrussd

                I went for dinner the other night, I thought it was good! Nothing spectacular, but flavors were pretty spot on. I was impressed at the size of everything, I had an enormous prosciutto app, and entrees that felt like they weren't just skimping on RW. Some of the textures weren't perfect.. things like duck tortelli and veal reduction probably sitting in the kitchen too long... but again, you could taste every ingredient, especially in the pistachio chocolate creme brulee. Sooo much better than the sad lunch I had at George's the previous day.

                I hadn't planned on it, but I did just stop into Sabatino's for lunch. It wasn't one of my picks for RW, and I was right. Don't bother going there.

                I'm going to Bicycle tonight - 9:30 reservation was the only one I could snag! I'll report tomorrow.

              2. We went to Corks. First courses: BLT (pork belly, fried tomato, frisee) and spinach salad with peaches were pretty good, nothing exceptional. My risotto with summer vegetables was delicious, the monkfish was good, and the flank steak with chocolate sauce was ridiculous -- and I don't mean that in a good way. I have never before seen my husband leave steak on the plate. A nearly perfect creme brulee, nice fruit salad with watermelon lemonade, serviceable chocolate mousse, and good service, except for the three extra glasses of wine they put on the bill (and took off without complaint).

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                1. re: sweetpotater

                  Yes - my SO was very disappointed with the flank steak.

                  1. re: sweetpotater

                    i'm intrigued, why was the flank steak so bad? over cooked? awful taste prep?

                    1. re: aussiewonder

                      I'm not the original poster but I had the same experience. Me and my fiancee went to Corks and I had the flank steak. To me it was the chocolate didn't go with the steak at ALL. It was wayy too powerful and the flavors just did not sit right on my palate. I wound up scraping as much of it off as possible trying to salvage the steak which I also didn't finish eating.

                      He had the risotto which was fabulous

                  2. Just back from lunch at The Spice Company (4 W. University Parkway - in the Doubletree/Colonnade). Delicious. My gorgonzola salad with walnuts had the most wonderful lightly rosemary-y dressing. My boy said his MD crab soup was very very good. His steak merited a very good. My eggplant, tomato, edamame concoction had a nice heat/spice and something more like cous-cous than quinoa on the side, but still lovely. He almost didn't share his pot-de-creme, which ended up being a pudding-eque coffee mousse type thing in a coffee mug. My key lime pie was also great, but that pot-de-creme - mmmmm.

                    Lunch seemed like the way to go - only $20 each! As an aside, I got a glass of riesling which was $7.75, BUT, it was a huge pour - I'd say almost 2 glasses I would get somewhere else. Don't know if this was a fluke, but I left feeling like this was not a bad price if they usually pour that generously.