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Aug 2, 2007 09:01 AM

Lunch near the Red Line


I will be flying in to National on saturday morning and taking the metro to Shady Grove. I wanted to stop off some where close and get lunch. I'm looking for something that I might not be able to find in Minneapolis. Any suggestions would be great!

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  1. What sort of lunch? Sandwiches? Sit-down? I think that Teaism (look it up, there are a few locations) would probably be a bit different, and you can order a pretty wide range of food.

    1. If you don't mind stopping off in Dupont Circle I would recommend Hank's Oyster Bar. They have a delicious lobster roll as well as other seafood items. It feels like a traditional New England seafood restaurant and will give you a taste of some East Coast seafood (probably something you don't have a lot of over in Minneapolis.)

      You will have to walk about 2 blocks from the metro though, so if you have a ton of luggage this might not be a great idea.

      If you let us know what type of lunch you are looking for we can probably give more suggestions. Big lunch, sandwiches, Italian etc.

      1. You will be transferring at Chinatown/Penn Quarter and there are lots of fantastic restaurants near there. Oyamel and Cafe Atlantico come to mind. Are you looking for seafood? Ethnic? Trendy? Down-home?

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          We want a sit down place for sure. I'm really open to any sugestions preferably under twenty dollars per person.

          1. re: alix

            A personal favorite is Lebanese Taverna, right across Connecticut Ave from the Woodley Park metro station (escalator exit, not elevator exit). I imagine that you don't have a lot of Lebanese food in Minneapolis. Reasonably priced, go for the mezze.

            1. re: alix

              In Chinatown/Penn Quarter Cafe Atlantico is certainly something different that I imagine you can't get in Minneapolis. It's Nuevo Latino cuisine in a very vibrant/fun atmosphere.

              Not far from the metro there is Acadiana which does an excellent job with higher-scale Cajun cuisine.

              For Spanish tapas (and outdoor seating) you can try Jaleo. There is also Zaytinya which is tapas and had outdoor seating. I personally am not as blown away by Zaytinya as some people, but out-of-towners tend to really like Jaleo and Zaytinya.

              For the best truffle fries in town you can try Poste. Not sure if its anything out of the ordinary but its still very good food.

              1. re: Elyssa

                As someone who lives in the area but spent a number of years in MSP, it's interesting to see what DC posters think might not be available in the hinterlands ...

                East Coast seafood is pretty decent there in places large and small (including the HQ of Oceanaire), my first Lebanese meal was there in the late '60s and there's even Nuevo Latino. And, yes, there's been decent Ethiopian for years -- so much so that "best Ethiopian dining" is its own category in a local dining guide ...

                So I'd say the answer might not be food, but setting.

                If you're ambitious you could get out at Archives and get a short cab (less than half mile) to lunch with Capital Hill types for the wonderful $20 Charlie Palmer lunch deal. The cab to Gallery Place for the Red Line.

                For history, if not food, there's Old Ebbitt, which is easily in the price range a couple of blocks from Metro Center (just take the right exit...).

                Otherwise, Zaytinya -- which is Greek-Turkish-Med-mezze fare -- is different from any Twin City offering. Handsome room, good food and right across the street from the Metro.

                Also, you're not necessarily transferring at Chinatown ...

                1. re: repete

                  Charlie Palmer is a good idea. You can just get off at Union Station and walk a few blocks...will save you a cab ride.

          2. Indique Heights - elegant Indian with food to match - about a block from the Friendship Heights station.

            A couple of blocks south of the Bethesda station is Moby Dick (some of Washington's best kabobs - all the Pak cab drivers eat there).

            Krupins about a block north of the Tennleytown station has decent Jewish corned beef and pastrami sandwiches.