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Aug 2, 2007 08:56 AM

Foraging for berries in SF?

Do you know of some great spots (though not somebody's yard) to forage for blackberries (or ollalieberries) in San Francisco? I'd like to make something this weekend, but don't want to spend $$ on fruit.


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  1. I think there are some along the streetcar tracks between 20th and 22nd, but it's a little early in the year--due to the cool climate they ripen late.

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      Brambles in urban areas are sometimes sprayed to keep them from becoming a nuisance. Places like, oh, say, along railroad and trolley tracks, roadways, city parks and other such places are likely candidates. This spray, if applied, is toxic to humans. I'd check up on this before eating any quantity of berries found in such places...

      1. The blackberries in Buena Vista park are starting to ripen. If you can lay your hands on a 1" thick x 12" wide x very very long board and haul it to the park, you'll be able to lay it over the edge of the brambles to get to the most succulent berries in the middle. Wear jeans. You'll probably fall off your board, but that will make the story with the pie that much better...

        Someone else warned about sprays, so it might be worth checking up on that. As I jog through I eat a berry or two, but not enough to notice ill effects if there were spray.

        The blackberries seem to be concentrated on the north facing slope of the park, if you were looking at a city street map and you drew a line straight out from waller street, and another line from between Baker and Lyon but parallel to them, those two lines would intersect in the park sort of where the blackberries start.