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Aug 2, 2007 08:56 AM

Brooklyn Bean and Tea Co.

I just noticed a new storefront for Brooklyn Bean and Tea Co. on Atlantic Ave. between Bond and Hoyt this morning. Anyone have any info?


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  1. Sure! I have some info,word has it that they will be doing bulk sales of organic coffee and tea. But it seems like it would also be a great quick place to grab a cup in the morning before work or hang out for a bit later in the evening.. From what i saw the place seems to be coming along great. Iv seen the owners a few times while walking by. They seem like a nice young couple whome id much rather support than our friends at starbucks. now we just will have to wait and try the coffe or tea.

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      I hope they're good. I love the people at Victory, but I go there for the ambiance, not the coffee, which I find has a weird minty aftertaste. That said, it's the best in the nabe - I just don't like Gorilla Coffee and can rarely make it to D'Amico when they're open.

    2. Yeah, I was just at the pre-grand opening of Brooklyn Bean & Tea Co. All I have to say is that they are going to be a big success. They are in such a prime area for that kind of business. I'm so tired of the Starbucks and D&D franchises. It feels good to step into a place where you feel at home and comfortable. They are such nice people who own the store. I highly recommend anyone who loves good coffee and tea...ACTUALLY GREAT COFFEE AND TEA to stop by and grab one and see for yourself!

      1. Had a decaf Americano this AM (they didn't have brewed decaf) - it was very good. My wife said that her latte was outstanding. No idea the provenance of their beens (besides Nicaragua) but they seemed to be roasted and pulled well. A little pricey - the two of these were $5.50 - but the quality is very good.

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        1. re: lambretta76

          Becoming a regular here. Really like the decaf Americanos. They seem to have a large variety of beans available for single serve coffee press - dunno if they pull shots with some of these as well? Extremely friendly owners and a very calm and quiet room.

          Though I've enjoyed Victory over the last 9 years, I've never really liked their coffee. I'm very glad Brooklyn Bean & Tea Co. is around now - it's a real coffeehouse as opposed to Victory's corner coffee shop. (I do still like Victory - it is the meeting spot for the Hoyt/State micro-neighborhood.)

          1. re: lambretta76

            I liked the espresso I got from these guys. It was too long for my tastes--I like my doubles to be about 1.5 to 2 oz, served in a single demitasse. But, the beans (which are fair trade and come from Washington State) had a nice, clean taste that reminded me of west coast coffeehouses, and the barista/co-owner has nice equipment and good technique. I'll put them up there with Red Horse for best espresso bar in the downtown Brooklyn/Park Slope area. This morning, though, I was at Cafe Grumpy in Greenpoint, which is in a whole other class.

            Anyone have any other good (or bad) coffee experiences nearby lately?

        2. i live around the corner from the bklyn bean & tea - it's run by a couple, very nice/friendly, they're new at this, and very capable, it appears. the place is cozy but manages to seat around a dozen patrons & even enough space for a baby carriage and has free WIFI. this little part of atlantic ave was apparently needing exactly what they're offering. they are absolutely committed to the highest quality espresso as one of the main goals (the coffee & teas are also notable). they sell the coffee too (1/2 lb and a pound) and punch your card (after purchasing 5 of the 1/2 lb coffee you get a free 1/2 lb ... OR ... after purchasing 5 lbs. of coffee, you get a free pound -- something like that). the ambience, even the lighting is soothing -- the music is not loud at all, but always listenable (i've jotted down the artists name more than once) but never distracting. it's a great little place for conversation too. the main thing is the coffee i buy by the pound is the most amazing strong but never ever bitter and SMOOOOTH taste i've ever had. they have a whole menu there now of different types of coffees and teas .... go take a look. i originally hail from new orleans, so good coffee is mandatory for me. their teas (they have a lot of all kinds of teas) have their own following, and they've only been open for about 2 months. i wish them all the luck and i know they are onto something good. so far, all of my neighbors that go there love the coffees and the teas (they have pastries, cookies & the coffee presses for sale, as well as cute little tea pots and they are figuring out other things to sell too).

          1. Remarkably, the Brooklyn Bean & Tea Company is now history.

            There is a note on the door that explains very little but states with clarity that due to difficulties (business and personal, it seems to say) they have regretfully gone out of business.
            Kind of a shock. They didn't mean anything to me since I have my own places and had no need for what they offered (and I won't stop supporting an old standby just because a new flavor of the day pops up) but I sure don't wish bad times on anyone.

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            1. re: JonL

              Are you serious? I was just there this past weekend. I loved that place: great espresso drinks and some of the best drinking chocolate I've had. I'm always looking for better flavors.

              1. re: Peter Cuce

                I for one am devastated that the Brooklyn Bean & Tea is gone. I mean why did this have to happen? It was by far the best cafe around. It made me feel like I was in the West Village. I feel betrayed. They were at the peak of popularity! Why did they close? I just don't understand. I mean I know sometimes bad things happen and people have to make difficult decisions, but I can't help but feel that the owners have quit on us; they've really let me down. Yes, there are other places, some nice places, but this one was perfect. Can't they see that we need them? that they have a civic responsibility? Don't they care? You can't just open a perfect place and then close it down in 6 months! I mean come on!! I wish they had never opened so I wouldn't feel the pain of this loss. (And I've never even blogged before!)

                1. re: fritzy2002

                  Yeah, I understand your feelings. BTW, this isn't blogging. This is just a discussion board.

                2. re: Peter Cuce

                  i'm also very sad about this. i liked this place a lot.

                  1. re: babar ganesh

                    Same here. I can't go back to Victory now. It was the only good place for coffee within a 15 minute walk.

                    1. re: lambretta76

                      Me too. I have been in shock and sad and depressed. I emailed them about buying the business from them but didn't hear back. This past weekend, saw the space in the window of Boerum Hill Realty and called about it, but was told it has already been rented and will not be a coffee place. I live just across the street and this micro nabe/stretch of Atlantic really needs a coffee place (Victory just doesn't compare). Their space was perfect. I have gone through the stages of grief, seriously, first Shock, then Denial, bargaining (wanting to buy it), Guilt (maybe i could have done something more..), Anger (why didnt they sell it someone!!), Depression (omg where am i gonna have coffee), Acceptance and Hope (I like the skateboard shop on Smith Street though its a walk...)

                      Anyway if anyone knows this place, and if there is any hope of buying the business please let me know. Or would anyone be interested in a similar business.. but we can't go back. its like paradise lost. it was so perfect. why why why. thank jebus for this board it is therapy for me. I think we need a support group.

                      Fritzy.. better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. but yes. horrible tease.