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Aug 2, 2007 08:50 AM

Ice cream in dupont area?

I was wondering if people know of any good ice cream shops in and around the dupont circle area

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  1. i heard a rumor that Pitangelo, a new sorbet/gelato shop in baltimore is supposed to be opening a shop in Dupont by the end of the summer. There is also that place right next to gazzooza, i forget the name but i tried this past weekend and it was very tasty. i think its called Larrys??

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    1. re: elegantelliot

      Larry's is probably the best place to get ice cream in Dupont, outside of going to Ben and Jerry's. They have unique flavors. But I LOVE the cookies and cream. Plus the people that work there have major attitude but in a fun way. (The little kiddie cones are called Cheap Ass cones or something like that).

      That would be great if this Pitangelo place opened up. Do you know where its suppose to go?

      1. re: Elyssa

        larry's is great! i particularly love their jack daniel's ice cream, which is basically chocolate ice cream with jack mixed in. i mean you cant beat the combination of whiskey and ice cream.

        1. re: Elyssa

          I know it has its fans, but I don't think much of Larry's. I think the ice cream is only so-so (high in butterfat, low in flavor--at least those that I have tried). I agree that the folks who work there have major attitude, I disagree that it's in a fun way. I think they're basically jerks, and I don't think it's "fun" to be treated rudely by a jerk.

          1. re: Smokey

            I call them the Ice Cream Nazis. It is what it is.

            But have you tried their Oreo ice cream!? Just last night I went and its still incredible. Plus there really is no where else in the area to go besides Ben and Jerrys. Usually when I want ice cream I like some place I can take a nice summer evening walk to from my apartment (right off of the Circle). I don't want to jump on the metro. Unfortunatly there are few options in the area.

            1. re: Elyssa

              i think its all a schtik. i went in there over the weekend and it seemed like they were forcing themselves to be a little rude

        2. re: elegantelliot

          Thrilled to hear about gelato moving into Dupont...but I can say that I tried Pitangelo when I was in Baltimore about 2 months ago (?) and I was not very thrilled with the taste or the consistency of it (nor was the BF). OH well...maybe its improved! I'll certainly give it another shot.

        3. Its not super close to Dupont -- but Giffords is one of my favorites-- there are locations in Friendship heights and downtown DC

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          1. re: aletnes

            There's one near the E Street Cinema. You get off at Metro Center and its about a block down....wish there was one IN Dupont though.

            1. re: Elyssa

              Larry's ice cream is very good and the flavors are unique. I don't mind the attitude, but the prices are pretty steep for the portions given.