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Aug 2, 2007 08:49 AM

EVOO, Tremont 647, .....

I actually live on the Cape but wanted to try one of the RW restaurants and I'm intrigued by both of these. Can someone tell me which one would be the best choice and why? Either one have a better wine list or bar? Service at both? Is one location easier to get to than the other (especially from the North End where we'll be staying).

How about include in the mix Masa and Smith and Wollensky?? Out of those four, how would you rate all of them (# 1 being best - #4)

I'm having a hard time deciding so I appreciate your help fellow chowhounders!

Thanks so much!

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  1. I have been to both EVOO and Tremont 647 for RW and enjoyed them both heartily. Tremont has a very intriguing menu for this round (especially if you go on Monday or Tuesday, when they're including some interesting lobster choices). Last time I went, though, Tremont did have some upsell items on their RW menu (like +$5 for a certain entree), but that is becoming increasingly common for this promotion. I had attentive service at both restaurants and would return to either one of them outside of RW.

    Transportation wise, EVOO is easier if you have a car, Tremont 647 if you're taking the T/walking (although it's still a few blocks from the T).

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      A lot of Restaurant Week menus are pretty bland and make you feel like you're at a wedding (steak, chicken or salmon?). Not Tremont 647. Last time I was there they had their entire menu available, with slight price variations from the prix fixe on some options. Definitely the best Res. Week experience I've ever had.

    2. I guess i'm in the minority here. i really did not enjoy Tremont 647 for restaurant week last time. I found it annoying that so many options were +3 or +5 dollars and unfortunately since these seemed a lot more interesting I went for them and they turned out to be not great (unfortunately it was long enough ago that i don't remember what I got). I do remember that their special donuts were a +3 or +4 which I thought was ridiculous.
      This year I'm going to Pigalle for RW. their RW menu looks super interesting (thanks to other hounds for pointing this out to me).

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        Given my experience, if I had a choice between these two, I'd opt for EVOO (was not very impressed with Tremont 647's brunch offerings), though I have no idea what either will offer for Restaurant Week.

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          I think Tremont 647 is a lot of hype and little else. Food is marginal, prices are too high for the quality and service is meh. I've never understood the appeal of this place aside from the outdoor seating.

          1. re: heWho

            I've never been to EVOO, but I agree with heWho on 647

        2. I've also never been to EVOO, but I haven't been blown away by 647. It's good, but for my money there are better restaurants in the South End. The RW menu does look pretty good, though.

          As far as Masa, I personally didn't consider it for RW because they've been having great prix-fixe deals basically from May through July. I have been pleasantly surprised by them, but my expectations were a bit low. However, if you're coming in from the Cape, I don't know that it would be on top of my list. I've only been to Smith and Wollensky once and will not return. The steaks were nothing special, in fact I still remember the overwhelming pepper taste of mine, and the atmosphere was definitely not to my liking. Lots of men in somber suits drinking serious drinks while loudly speaking of things I don't begin to understand is probably great for business dinners, but not for a social evening out with a friend.

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          1. re: SouthEndGirl4

            Hands down EVOO if you're into a well thought out menu with choices for everyone...and reasonable prices and parking.

          2. My RW at Masa last year was underwhelming. The menu options were pretty boring. You are better off just getting their tapas at the bar, imho.

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            1. re: Bob Dobalina

              Yup, the Masa tapas are still the best deal going in Boston. $10 for 10 tapas... can't beat it! ($5 on certain nights too!)

            2. I highly recommend EVOO - the food is fantastic and they have a great wine list. The service was good as well.

              As a southender, I have always wanted to love Tremont 647 but time after time, it fails. The service is a luck of the draw. The menu has limited options and doesn't change that often. The drinks - especially a bloody mary on Sundays - are iced down and expensive. I wish this place would turn around as it's in a great location. IMHO