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Aug 2, 2007 08:34 AM

Port Jeff/Stony Brook area - Pasta Pasta vs. Pentimento?

My SO and I are driving out from the city this weekend to meet a friend who's working in LI next week. We're looking for an Italian restaurant in the Port Jeff/Stony Brook area. My SO has been to Pasta Pasta before and really liked it but that was a few years ago - though I saw some posts here tht sound like it's still good. I also found a rec for Pentimento and liked what I saw on their website.

Should I just randomly pick one? Is one much better than the other? Or is there another option that's better? Looking for the price range to max at about $15-$25 for pasta/entrees and preferably something that is more modern and casual rather than formal and stuffy.

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  1. Pentimento is much better than Pasta Pasta. I go almost every week and have found the food to be consistently excellent. Nice atmo also- across the street from the water in Stony Brook village.
    Pasta Pasta has gone way downhill over the last few years, although it did used to be a big deal.
    If you're looking for a straightforward red sauce Italian place you might try Carnival in Port Jeff Station on Rt 347.