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Aug 2, 2007 08:29 AM

Denver Breakfast Stops [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Does anyone have suggestions for great Denver breakfast places? They seem awfully hard to come by (chains like IHOP excepted). I'd love to hear about any favorites! Thanks!

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  1. Here are my top 3 favorites (in no particular order). Annies Cafe (diner style - 8th and Colfax), Emma's (Cajun Style - Alameda and Logan), Dozens (Havana and Iliff, and 14th and ??? - basically right across from the Denver Jail downtown).

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    1. re: Booger

      Not even a Denverite yet (I arrive next week), but I've already had a few brunches at Watercourse I really liked. Caveat: it's vegetarian; eggs yes, but bacon/sausage, nope.

      Watercourse Food
      206 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

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        Lucille's is one of my very favorite breakfast spots. Other's include Zadie's, Sams No. 3 (for a dinner breakfast), Crepes 'n' Crepes, and Toast.

      2. I will say:

        Snooze (on 22nd and Larimer - in Lower Downtown, upscale and delicious pancakes, worth waiting)

        Lucille's (on Alameda and Logan, my favorite)

        Annies (9th and Colorado Blvd... booger is only off a couple of blocks and delicious)

        Breakfast Inn (just west of Monaco on Evans...good greasy breakfast), Bump & Grind (17th and Clarkson... Drag Queen Brunch on Saturday and Sunday, be prepared for a wait, but worth it)

        and lets see... one more, Hot Cakes Diner (17th and near St. Joseph Hospital on Lafayette - I think - they are all about top notch breakfasts there).

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          I agree with Booger, but I think maybe he meant Luciles not Emma's on Alameda and Logan. Emma's was on 6th and is closed. Just an FYI on weekends the wait at Lucilles can be very long. Also Dozens is on 13th, just south of Broadway, almost under the new wing of the Denver Art Musuem and I don't think they have a Aurora location?

          My favorites:
          Mona's, near the REI in the Platte Valley (soon to be one on South Broadway)
          Sams #3 - one downtown and a few other locations, ok, I am not going to say the food is great but they serve a lot of it and I like their breakast burritos with the veggie green chili.
          Toast in Littleton

          Oh - and I have to disagree that Denver breakfast places are hard to come by. I am sure there will be quite a few more suggestions.

          1. re: ColoradoFun

            I meant Lucille's. Thanks.

            Drag Queen breakfast at Bump and Grind is a lot of fun also. The food is pretty good as well (how could I have forgotten about that ).

            Dozen's definitely has an Aurora location (unless they closed - I bet aka_zoe could verify this). It is just North of Iliff, on Havana, on the East side of the street ).

            1. re: Booger

              Dozens... Drive by it twice a day... still there. I haven't ever actually been though!

          2. re: aka_zoe

            9th and Colorado Blvd? Is Annies in that stretch where the Swing Thai, Falafel King, and Heidi's are?

            1. re: Megiac

              No, it is right around the corner (just South, and East). It is in the same shopping center as the Video Store (but their entrance is on 9th), but the entrance is on 9th. They have parking in back.

              1. re: Booger

                Good to know! I am only a couple of blocks away, and never realized it was there.

                1. re: Booger

                  I tried out Annie's for the first time today (it's actually on 8th, not 9th), and have definitely been missing out on a great spot. Has anybody tried their lunch or dinner?

                  1. re: Megiac

                    I have eaten there at all hours of the day. It is all good, but I definitely prefer their breakfast options. (Can't get enough of the Peanut Butter on the table, which is always my desert).

            2. The Egg Shell, 3rd & Josephine in Cherry Creek, has exceptional waffles, muffins, omelettes, fresh juices. Very home-cooked feel, cuz it is. You may have a wait at the predictable hours.

              1. Highland Gardens Cafe -- 2927 W. 32nd......
                Excellent cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs with smoked salmon. The garden is a great place to be on a Sunday summer morning; have a walk 'round the neighborhood while you're there. St. Patrick's Cheese Shop, around the corner from MondoVino, is a good place to pick up lunch.........

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                  Thanks for the Dozens Aurora info. I never realized they had another location. Highlands Garden is a great suggestion as well especially if you are looking for somplace a little nicer and relaxing. I have been for dinner but never breakfast.

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                    Agreed, but make that St. Killian's Cheese Shop. And I believe that Mondo Vino is the name of the wine store and that the restaurant has another name.

                  2. HANDS DOWN -
                    Sam's #3 (Havana and Parker Rd)


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                    1. re: Heyteacher

                      There's also a Sam's downtown on 15th and Curtis (or at least I think it is Curtis).