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Aug 2, 2007 08:28 AM

Grill 23 a Hit, Again.

I'm well aware that Grill 23 & Bar doesn't get much support on this forum, but I have to say I've never had a bad meal there. Jay Murray is a talented chef, and proves it time and again with ever changing specials and an interesting list of seafood items. From salads and appetizers to desert and coffee, all four of us left more than satisfied. The waitstaff is top notch, and made everyone feel special. Needless to say, their wine list is world class, and covers a broad range. Alex, the wine manager knows her stuff and makes you feel comfortable. We had: Halibut, Salmon, Tenderloin and Steak Au Poivre. Wine: Lail Vinyards, J. Daniel Cuvee. This is not just a steakhouse, it's a dining experience, albeit a very noisey one. Yikes! Oh, and bring money.

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  1. That's encouraging. We used to be BIG Grille 23 fans but the last few times (6-12 months ago) we went were such a disappointed that we decided to spend our "steak money" elsewhere. The food at that time was just horrible given our level of expectations over many years. The steaks shrunk, were poorly cooked, and inedible. Even the side dishes disappointed. At these price points, a customer should expect the best out of an established restaurant. Hopefully, they've bounced back but I'm not willing to pass on Oak Room in lieu of Grille 23 just yet. I'm curious to see what other CHer's have to say.

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      Re: Grille 23: We were treated rudely (not ignored...rudely) by a upstairs bartender who told us "I'm leaving in 2 weeks so I don't give a sh*t about anything", 18-24 months ago. Just that is enought for my wife and I to go to the other 2000 steak places in town

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        I'm with you - we went about a month ago...I thought the food was so inadequate. We had this crab cake mess with sauce that was more appropriate for chinese chicken (it tasted like sweet and sour sauce right out of the bottle). My steak that I ordered medium rare came out burnt and charred like a hockey puck. The dessert (I think chocolate cake) had freezer burn on it. I was really unimpressed. I would never, ever return.

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          While I always enjoy Grille 23, I agree with gramercyfoodie on the "char" issue. I have to remind myself to say "No char", otherwise it does come out burnt and I particularly don't like that taste. I know others do. I just think it ruins a good and expensive piece of meat!

      2. I also thought it was excellent the one time I went, though it can get noisy and it's as expensive as the steakhouse chains (though to my mind better then these). Part of the reason it hasn't been mentioned much is that the Chowhound moderators wouldn't allow it because of some kind of infraction for quite a stretch -- haven't noticed that lately, though.

        Anyway, I liked everything when I went: excellent bread, spinach side, and the best steak I've ever had in Boston by far, a Kobe Cap.

        1. glad to hear someone's had a good experience there. the one and only time i've been, the food and service were both equally lousy. while cooked correctly, the porterhouse was boring...tasted like an $8 cut i'd pick up at Shaws. don't get me started on the paltry seafood tower (would you like a little fish with your ice, sir?).

          still the best prime grade cut i've ever had was at Aujourd'hui a few years back.

          1. just got back from grill 23. beyond disappointing. we have been a couple times of year for the last few years, always found it reliably good when we felt like a steakhouse. iceberg wedge salad was a wilted head in the hugest puddle of blue cheese dressing- totally drowning in it. truffled tater tots we adored in the past were like cafeteria tater tots without a drop of truffle. sent them back and traded for regular mashed potatoes, which were not so good either. broccoli gratin was just broccoli in a puddle of milk and butter. mushroom ragout was good, though very salty. aged 14 oz new york steak really good, but i dont know about for $44. porterhouse not so good. filet side was identical in taste and texture to swansons hungryman salisbury steak frozen dinner. pathetic. will definitely not be returning, way too many good places to go instead.
            although bartender said ortiz and a-rod were in there for dinner with wife/ gfriend and friends last night after game and they could barely find a table for them it was so packed. so maybe others are having better luck with food there?

            1. It's really upsetting to hear that people have had such bad experiences at Grill 23 because everytime i've eaten there it has been excellent! I always find that the food is consistently good as well as the service. Maybe i'm just lucky, but I think that its a great restaurant!