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Aug 2, 2007 08:18 AM

Wine events in Durham/Chapel Hill or nearby?

Anyone know of wine-tasting events in the Triangle area of North Carolina, especially in Durham or Chapel Hill... or a good website for keeping tabs on such events? I know of Southern Seasons' classes and Friday tastings, that Total Wine has (free) tastings on Friday and Saturday, and that The Wine Cellar has (free) tastings on alternating Fridays and Saturdays. While I'm open to hearing about other open-house style tastings in the area, I'm most interested in more structured, educational classes, presentations, and/or workshops. Also restaurants with a wine focus, especially offering tasting flights, would be nice to hear about.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The Wine Merchant in Raleigh has been having monthly tastings for several years. The wines tasted usually run from less that $10 up to $100 per bottle. The price of each event is based on the price of the wines tasted.

    1. There is a wine store on MLK (old Airport) Road in Chapel Hill, but I'm wracking my brain without coming up with the name (probably something like Chapel Hill Wines ...), and they do tastings every Saturday afternoon. I don't shop there often, but one nice thing about the place is that they keep a database of everything you've bought, so if you can't remember the name of something you got there and loved, they'll be able to help.

      For restaurants, you could try Glasshalful in Carrboro, which has lots of wines by the glass and also sells them by the bottle to take home. I think you can get 3 or 5 oz. pours, so you could probably get a few 3 oz. pours to make up a flight.

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        It's Chapel Hill Wine Co.-- they do tastings from 1-5 on Saturdays. GHF is a great idea for assembling flights, and Jim and Mickey are very knowledgeable--they should be able to provide you with some good info on whatever you're drinking.

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          It occurs to me that the West End Wine Bar on Franklin St. also does 3 oz. pours, and they have a few really good things on their wine list, which changes fairly often. So thats another place you could do a flight of your own choosing.

          hope Italy was a blast HSH!

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            very much so. assembling the report as we speak-- should be up soon.

      2. Restaurant Starlu in Durham has what they call "Try and Buy" a couple of times per year. I just checked the Web site and didn't see any scheduled, but you might check from time to time:

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          1. Alison, I wish there were a good website for tracking local wine events. I blundered into Seaboard in Raleigh just before their 10th anniversary tasting extravaganza and happily bought tickets, and I'm sure I've missed many good events like that one that I just didn't know about.

            Triangle Wine Experience is an annual event that raises funds for the Frankie Lemmon School. Dinners & other events are held all across the Triangle. We went to the Flora Springs dinner at Ruth's Chris and had an OK dinner with great wine, and won a magnum that costs nearly as much as our two tickets.

            The Wine Merchant's newsletter is very educational. The latest one stated they're modifying their tastings, and I do need to get by there to try them.

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              Thanks, everyone! Please keep the ideas coming if you have them.

              AreBe - I found out about the Seaboard anniversary event via one of the wine groups I'm in ... absolutely worth every bit of the miserable one hour and 20 minutes it took me to get from southern durham to the other side of Raleigh! That was one seriously wonderful evening!

              I'm toying with the idea of a roadtrip to Raleigh to check out the Wine Merchant, Seaboard, Peche (chocolate) and Enoteca Vin. One of my groups is specifically focused on Durham, so I'd really like to find some classes here.

              Kind regards,