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Aug 2, 2007 08:09 AM

26th Birthday Party in NYC for 20 people

My friend and I are celebrating our birthdays in September with 20 people. We are looking for a fun, trendy restaurant with good food, pre-fixe menu, preferablly either BYOB or someplace that has a set drink price as well. We have been looking at Stanton Social, Rosa Mexicano or Ivo and Lulu. Any suggestions? We would like to be under $100 a person for everything (food, drinks, tax and tip).

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  1. Rosa Mex in the Union Square area is the best of the Rosa locations, IMO.
    You can also check and see what's available that day for your amount of guests...they do large-group reservations now.

    1. Cafe Noir, in soho, is a fun birthday spot and meets your budget. Not sure if they can offer a pre-fixe menu, but they might be willing to put one together for your party. We had a great time sharing small plates, and you can share pitchers of sangria. I found the service there very fast and attentive to our big group.

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      1. Don't go to Ivo and Lulu. It barely fits 20 people to begin with, is not trendy, and has bad service. Someone mentioned on this board that Freeman's does a fixed menu for about $50 which is half family style and sounds like a really good deal. WIth that price for food I'm sure you could get in under $100pp including drinks.

        1. i went to a bday at la esquina for about 10 ppl, it was pre-fixe for about $50 per person without drinks.

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              Look into Aroma Cafe and Wine Bar and their farmhouse room. It's great for this type of event and they will work with you on the food and wine...