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Good Indian food in Northern NJ?

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Anybody know of good Indian food in Northern NJ?

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  1. Try any of the dozens of Indian places in Edison.

    Also, Sona, in Maplewood, is one of the best Indian I've had in NJ.

    1. I like India On The Hudson in Hoboken, NJ

      1. It depends where in Northern NJ you are. I love Saffron on Route 10 in East Hanover. They have great food.

        1. Zero atmosphere, but Indian Chef in the Intl. Food Warehouse on Rt. 17 in...Lodi? Hackensack? has some great food too! I also would have named India on the Hudson and Saffron...

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            Indian Chef is very good, as is Bhoj in Elmwood Park.

            You've also got TONS of great Indian Food on Newark Ave in Jersey City. Its a veritable little india.

            Morristown you have the new Mehtani restaurants -- Mendhi and Ming II (Indo Chinese) in Headquarters Plaza. Go during the evening on the weekend (Fri/Sat//Sunday) a henna artist will give you one of those temporary tattoos for free.

          2. Baadshah (sp?) on Rt. 46 in Parsippany (Morris Hills shopping center). Not great atmosphere, but awesome lunch buffet. Also, Caffe India on Washington St. in Morristown. Much nicer atmosphere. Try Baadshah for lunch and Caffe India for dinner.

            1. Maybe its not north enough, but Ragini in mountainside used to be outstanding. Great Chola.

              1. Had a lovely dinner at Mantra on RT 4 in Paramus. Not such an indian expert so can't comment about authenticity but the atmosphere was upscale and everything tasted good to me. The people I was with commented that it was more expensive than usual indian fare.
                I'd be interested in hearing how it compares to other Indian places in the area...

                1. Bhoj in Elmwood Park rocks. Small place, but nice and casual. Sunny, the owner, is one of the nicest people you'll meet, and he'll always welcome you with open arms. He truly loves what he does. Their food is delicious, nice and spicy without being overpowering or uncomfortable to eat. Prices are very reasonable too, especially for their lunch buffet, which is outstanding. (It's $10.95 on weekends, and I think $8.95 on weekdays.)

                  I've been wanting to try Manta, but it seems quite a bit fancier (and more expensive) than Bhoj. Bhoj is fantastic. Get there ASAP!

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                    Unless you like REALLY greasy food, i say skip Bhoj...i was SOOO dissapointed with my last meal there...we had the special "wrap" thing, which was nothing more than a REALLY greasy chapatti filled with really greasy paneer...yuck...everything else was mediocre (at best)...the spicy onion condiment was soemthing more akin to hot onions from a hot dog cart.....the dosa was nothing special...
                    really, this place has either gone downhill or it never was up the hill in the first place..we won't go back..
                    Bergen county needs some decent indian food and i have yet to try it...best bet: chowpatty in iselin (edison)..hell of a haul, but worth it in the end.

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                      We went to BHOJ to night on several recommendations and we were not disappointed! We were deated promptly with our 2 girls and were made to feel welcome immediately. The service was excellent, and the food - wow - it was great. My girls (12 & 9) loved the food as well, and they had never tried Indian. The owner, Sunny, greeted us towards the end of the meal - what a nice man! Definately will be back to try the lunch buffet - I want to sample a little of everything.

                    2. I'd recommend Saffron for sure.

                      We went to Bhoj in Elmwood Park and it was ok. I know that a lot of people have recommended it and was really looking forward to it, but, I don't know. I guess wehave to go back and give it another try.

                      I would highly recommend that you try Chand Palace in Parsippany. Right off Rt 80 and Smith Road. They have a vegetarian restaurant that has wonderful food with lunch and dinners buffets. T

                      But, what we truly enjoy is their beautiful banquet room next door where only on Tuesday night they open up the banquet facility and have THE BEST Indian buffet including various meat dishes.including 12 to 15 dishes. They always have cold and hot appetizers, various meats and vegetarian items and dessert, too. You really have to go and try it. We have been going there for years and it has always been consistently great.

                      Also, in Wayne (near to the Willowbrook Mall) we go to Jyoti Exotic Indian Cuisine, (973) 890-2224, 24 Us Highway 46, Wayne, NJ. They have just an ok lunch buffet, but, we always go for dinner there as their food is consistently delicious.

                      1. I've been to several Indian restaurants and Bhoj is one of the best, if not the best, I've been to. The food has so much flavor! Plus, Sunny is a great guy. The service is great and there is a great atmosphere there. I definitely recommend Bhoj.