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Aug 2, 2007 07:55 AM

Lunch Protocol for Miami Spice

What's a brother got to do?

Need reservations, cachet, walk in, etc? What is the real deal? Do they treat people differently when requesting the special menu?

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  1. No particular magic involved, participating restaurants will just provide the "Miami Spice" menu together with their regular menu. I don't think I've ever had to ask for it. Don't need to make any advance reservation or the like.

    Attitudinally, you will probably find a variety of experiences. Some places actually like pitching it and letting customers know, others seem to be a lot more begrudging about it (which makes me wonder why they participate). I think servers are sometimes wary that they will be stiffed on tip particularly at places where the Spice menu really does represent a meaningful discount off regular menu prices.

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      Like it was mentioned before in the other Miami spice listing, extra tipping would be a good call for those restaurants where a good discount is given i guess...hopefully they will serve you as well as if you were ordering from the regular menu!

      1. re: SarahOM

        let's face it, many of us would not go to as many of these restaurants this time of year and henceforth that server with attitude would have a lot less diners in his or her station, so swineatude should not be tolerated.

        I'm with you Frod, why do it if your staff is brgrudging it? A fish stinks from the head down, and if the owner/s and/or management do not get the staff behind it, they will not attract the new clientel they would otherwise. Additionally, they should highlight their best dishes to hook people and not concoct some skimpy menu trying to justify food cost...isn't this a benefit anyways? And henceforth a write off?

        Taiga I feel you brother, sometimes it's just not worth the head trip some of these places give upon asking for said Spice menu!

        1. re: netmover

          i agree with your observation net about restaurants concocting low budget items and just going through the motions with roast chicken,churrasco,and chilean salmon, which have been the mainstays of restaurants that really dont want to put out their best effort.This years budget item to serve spice guests is calamari.I used to look forward to miami spice,but now there are so few restaurants that pride themselves on what they serve.Look and support those restaurants that do.Boycott the ones who do the usual "dog bites man"items(chicken,churrasco,chilean salmon)

          1. re: travlnmike

            short ribs are the new churrasco!
            There are some good menus if you do a little research. I listed some of my targets here:

            1. re: Frodnesor


              Lunch at Smith & Wollensky sounds good (albeit M-Th only).

              Caesar salad, filet mignon and molten chocoate cake?


              split pea soup, crackling pork shank & key lime brulee (a light summer meal!)

              I am not a big fan of S&W, but the choices seem appealing. Honestly, it's the water view that gets me there...



              1. re: advisor_Girl

                Thats funny because I like S&W the best out of all the steak joints (Capital Grille, Mortons, Ruth's Chris, etc.). I agree that the water view is a huge plus. We've done parties out there and got pretty loud and no one batted an eye too, so it was nice to lose teh SoBe pretentiousness for once.

                I hit up Sushi Samba last night. Didnt do the Spice menu because it was kinda "Blah" to me. I did have some killer sashimi and sushi though and they carry my favorite bourbon - Basil Hayden - so it was a great time for my 1st visit there ever!

                1. re: advisor_Girl

                  Should read carefully - on the Miami Spice website that's actually a
                  "S&W Famous Spilt Pea Soup"

                  Blind Mind, just to lead us further OT, ever try Woodford's Reserve? That's my bourbon of choice.

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Knob Creek is another of what I consider to be mid-level bourbons and has more of a spice to it. It will kick your ass a bit more cuz its higher in alcohol content. Not a good one on the rocks IMO, but great with a splash of ginger ale (which is my favorite when I dont feel "rocky"). Yes AG, Woodford Reserve is a great bourbon. I like it on the rocks because its got a smooth flavor. I consider it a mid-level bourbon both price and taste-wise. Im an ambassador for Maker's Mark, which I feel is the best mid-level bourbon for its cost. Its sweet with a nice caramel flavor and has a nice spice to it. Not too smooth though. Woodford is much smoother. Woodford also makes a high end bourbon, but I dont remember the full name. Something like Woodford Elite or something like that. I had a glass in Tampa last wknd to the tune of $25 which had a sharp oaky taste with a little spice to it. Actually, the waitress hooked it up for free since I bought a $40 glass of Pappy van Winkle's 23yr, which was probably the best bourbon Ive ever had. Extremely smooth, oaky flavor. Yes, Im kind of a huge bourbon fan...hehe

                    AG, try Basil Hayden's on the rocks next time. Its a little more pricey but well worth it. You can thank me later ;)

                  2. re: advisor_Girl

                    AG add a side of truffled mac &'s well worth it! I'd have to say that was the best spice meal I did last year....the filet and chocolate molten.

                    Knob Creek for me porfavor!