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Aug 2, 2007 07:49 AM

Eldo cake house prices?

I'm trying to figure out where to get a cake for my birthday celebration tomorrow (for 6-8 people). I was orginally thinking of going to Party Favors in Brookline but due to the fact that it's 1) out of my way and 2) a little more than I wanted to spend, I've been looking into other cakes. My roommate brought home a chocolate cake from Eldo cake house that I thought was delicious so I was thinking of picking up a cake there. Anyone know approximate prices for cakes there? (needs to feed the above mentiones 6-8 people). Other reasonably priced cake recs in Boston or Cambirdge are also welcome.

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  1. $20 for average size cake

    1. Eldo is great. We love Lyndell's in Somerville, too, and I think you could get a nice cake that'd serve that crowd for around $15. The hazelnut buttercream cake there is delicious and they're in the case so you can just pop by and get one.

      1. I typically don't buy from Eldo's, but I know their cake prices are comparable to other Chinatown bakeries. I believe I payed about $15 for a 9" cake last time. Prices can certainly creep a bit, but I would safely guess less than $20. Personally I prefer the cakes at Royal Bakery (off Beach St) because they're prettier and seem to have more options for the type of fruit inside.

        I'd also consider looking at Whole Foods. I find their baked goods to be terrific with much more reasonable prices than your the local bakeries. If you want the cheap sheet cakes, alot of people seem to like the good ol' Stop & Shop/Shaws cakes. I think their cakes are tasty, though I'm not a fan of their death-by-sugar frosting.

        1. How ironic... we almost got a cake from Party Favors, but I ended up walking over to Eldo's for a cake during my lunch break instead. I got the smallest strawberry cake they had - garnished with two strawberry halves (not very pretty, but it did the job) - and it was $11.50 with a tasty cream frosting. It was maybe 6 inches, and each of us 6 ladies had a nice slice, and we still had two slices left for someone to take home. :)

          1. In Chinatown, my favorite chocolate cake would be the chocolate mousse cake from May's which is across from the Chinatown Cafe, which is near the New England Medical Center. Call in advance to make sure it's available. It's pricier than other chinatown cakes, but well worth it.

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              thanks to everyone for such a great list -- SO helpful as I was searching for a Chinatown cake. And thanks to AnjLM for the original post.

              Have to say with a HUGE sickly sweet tooth myself, my two fav bakeries in the area are Lyndell (which I had TOTALLY forgotten about but thanks for the reminder) and Party Favors!