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Aug 2, 2007 07:04 AM

Ribfest in New Paltz

I just read about a Ribfest in New Paltz the weekend of Aug 17-19. Does anyone know anything about this? Have they ever done this before? I see a nice day of biking followed by massive rib consumption in my future...

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  1. I attended last year. It seemed to be primarily a competitive event with teams from all over the region preparing and submitting their cue for judging. There were also some short seminars where pros demonstrate their techniques and offer samples. As far as food for sale, it was limited to about four vendors, two local and two traveling. I was a little disappointed as I had envisioned being able to try samples from all the competitors, but apparently they can't/don't offer samples. I bought some decent cue from one of the traveling vendors, but I'm not sure it was worth an hour's drive each way. One interesting observation was that the traveling vendors have their trailers and their huge signs like those you would see on a county fair midway, and they had long lines. Meanwhile, the local operations without big signs weren't doing anywhere near as much business. One of the traveling guys mentioned that at his seminar, and freely admitted that his food was probably no better than the locals', and that it was just due to the big signs that they were doing all the business.

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      That's dissapointing. Was there beer for sale?
      Kind of misleading that a "ribfest" would only have four food stands!!
      I've been meaning to spend a Saturday biking in New Paltz for a while anyway, so I think I'll still check it out. beer would help...

      1. re: abu applesauce

        Well, there was beer, but none that I wanted to buy...only mass market lagers. I was disappointed in that, too. It seemed to me that The Gilded Otter or one of the other local brewers should have set up a booth there, or at least there should have been a local microbrew available at the beer stand. I seem to recall that I e-mailed them with that suggestion after attending last year; maybe things will be different this year.

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          I actually competed at this event last year and had a great time. Very well organized and great venue with music, vending, demos, etc. As jkent mentioned, though, don't go expecting to eat from the 50 or so competitors. Unless they are licensed food vendors, they are prohibited from giving away or selling samples due to the threat of severe fines, legal action, etc. if someone happens to get sick.

          Teams are, however, usually more than willing to share cooking techniques and fill visitors in on what competiton bbq (sloooow cooked ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, etc.) is all about.